Friday, April 22, 2011

Update and My experience with Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips

About a week ago, before I took off my Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nails Strips designs this was the state of affairs!

My nails were grown out and ready to be refilled! They lasted a good long time and they were always conversation starters. It was funny to have even men notice!

Here are the instructions that came with the set: (click to enlarge)

So I basically 1-found a strip that would fit my nail, 2-pulled off the back and aligned it with my cuticles. In real life, I left the slightest of gap between the strip and cuticle because I didn't want to make it look like I over jumped my cuticles. In photos, it seemed best to fit the strip right up against my cuticles. 3-I pulled the access over my nail and went to work with the buffer and file that was enclosed. The file helped to wear away the access and the buffer helped to smooth out the strips edges on the ends of my nails.

The above scanned instructions or my basic instructions aren't enough? Well, dang!
Brit's got you covered....

Most of the strips didn't fit the width of my nails, so here's what helped and other tips:
-Remember I said my nails had the black glitter acrylic still on them? Well the black peeked out a bit (the glitter wasn't as apparent) so it matched the design and camouflaged the areas that weren't covered.
-I put a clear coat of polish over the strip after I let it set and adhere to my nails (During this time that I let it set, I washed my hands, did chores, etc. just to see if I would get some extreme peeling or something.)
-Try to wrap your nail with the strip as you may do with your polish to prolong the wear, BUT with acrylics, they are thicker than a natural nail and you may find yourself filing away the portion of the strips that you wrapped under your nail.

OVERALL, these wore like a charm, I enjoyed the DIY designs, and even though I had another pack to try, I bought two more packs (hounds tooth and another pack of lace design)! I LOVE THEM!!

Have you tried them? How do you like them?


Kenya Ortiz said...

I love them too, the girl that dies my nails was hating on them lol.

KiLLaCaM said...

I love that design! I also love the vampy shape of your nails. I wanna try that shape out soon. Very RiRi of you :)

B said...

Good to know that you can do these with acrylics. A lot of people were asking me that and I was like, " would I know?" Ha!! I really like that design. That's one that I haven't tried yet.

Nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

Ok, i think i'm going to try these. I bought them and returned them the next day thinking I would never get them right. I like that design

Jennifer said...

love the print!

Wes said...

WOW I tried the neutral colored ones and like you - I got a good 2 weeks out of them. I love the lace ones you have and whenever I go to Walgreens they never have them! However, I did find some pretty colorful ones at Rite Aid that I'm going to do this week. Thanks for the review!

yummy411 said...

@ kenya: haha! the girl that does mine was confused...and i was like "oh just remove with nail polish remover" she wasn't sure if she'd have to sand them off or what... hahaha! i didn't ask her to apply though. she prob would have charged me $10!

@ cam: thanks girl! ;)

@ b: lol! yup they work, i'm going to try them over polish next. it really helped to have colored (black) acrylic to camouflage my bald spots!

@ nikkia: yup! you turned your nose up too quick hahaha ;)

@ jennifer: thanks!

@ wes: no prob! glad you like them as much as i do. i was scared of the lace print going MIA too, so i grabbed a second pack as soon as i saw one!

Atiyah said...

I need to try these one more time, for some reason mine were not sticking at all.

yummy411 said...

atiya, i've heard some negative feedback, but mostly positive. i'd say give them another shot! ;) i hope you enjoy them as much as i do!