Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Throw back product of the day- 1st Edition

Hey guys! As a result of trying to shop my stash I came across a few old items that I used to love that I wanted to share. I'm going to tell you about one of them today.

Can you guess what product I'm wearing that I'm featuring as my "Throw back product of the day"? Look closely!
Nope, not the pale (maybe too pale) lip gloss I was trying out....

Do you see a difference in this pic and the pic above? If you guessed FRECKLES then you're right!! Have a cookie! A throw back product that I've had for a while now (according to my memory circa 2000-2001) is a Lancome Freckle Crayon. I have a few freckles or sun spots (as the derms have been calling them) of my own, more prominently around the nose and mouth area.
See? Well, ehh, you get the picture.

I bought this before I was really into makeup like I am now. Lancome had the "it" counter; a girl had to have a Juicy Tube in her purse! When I saw the promo ad for this I had to have it. I think freckles are beautiful and you know people like to have what they don't. I knew a set of twins that were speckled from head to toe with gorgeous freckles. Their unique freckles could help you tell them apart too! ;)
I'm sure I've told this to yall before, but once I met a guy wearing my 'freckles that he commented were "so cute". When we went on our date, I no longer had freckles.. hehe! Can you imagine the peeps and side eye I got? LOL! A weave can come and go too! ;D

Here are some swatches and comparisons: (from left to right OR bottom to top --the long swatch lines) MAC Cork lip liner, Lancome Freckle Crayon, NYX Rose Brown lip liner, NYX Nutmeg lip liner, MAC Spiked eye brow pencil, MAC Stubborn Brown eye liner

The closest, most similar color was MAC's Stubborn Brown eye liner, which is the small, dark, line swatch next to the long swatch of the Lancome Freckle pencil. The freckle pencil had the right amount of orange and brown, but dark enough to mimic real pigmentation spots. Stubborn brown seems to almost hit the mark, but without the hint of orange it needs to make the spots appear real (on my skin tone).

I think the freckle pencil/marker trend is resurging. Would you try it?


gg said...

yep! i like adding faux freckles from time to time.

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted freckles, but I settled for the moles I was bless with.

ps. I still do make-up on my blog just not that often.

yummy411 said...

@ gg: yay for faux freckles!! hehe

@ mrs. j: well, you have options!

MsChrys79 said...

YOu are too silly! adding freckles I've never heard of that but it's a neat idea I guess... I'm thinking of getting my signature beauty mark (that I add myself) tattooed on my face...

and I think the lipgloss is pretty on you what color is it??

yummy411 said...

MsChrys79: lol! my lip is a combo of bare necessity dazzle glass topped with playing koi lipstick!

Tamara said...

I adore freckles, though sadly mind faded when I hit puberty.

I know that makeup can be touchy with them, so I think it's great to have a product that brings them back to life through foundation/powder etc.

Anonymous said...

The order I get the more freckles pop up. I never had them in my younger years.