Friday, March 04, 2011

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow Booster Sun Stones in Medium Dark

A while back before Valentines Day, the stands at my local Rite Aid had overflowing displays of Physicians Formulas newest offering including the infamous Happy Heart Booster Glow Blush. The other item on the stand that caught my attention was the bronzer beads, which PF has dubbed Sun Stones.... how cute. I got nostalgic thinking of when I was first introduced to bronzer beads... AVON was the brand and I was smitten! It was my favorite product from line. Later, I began lusting after the Guerlain Meteorites, but that was a bit out of budget. Between the unavailable AVON products and the out of reach Guerlain, the drugstore beads from Physicians Formula was my middle option, roughly $14, pricey in its own right.

I saw the glistening beads peaking at me through the packaging... it appeared to be magic in a compact! My choice was made! Luckily, there was a $3 off coupon attached on the front.

Take a look at some photos, swatches and my review:

Ohh look at those broken beads. Those upset me.

Natural sunlight

With flash

Physicians Formula says:

  • "Luminous bronzing Sun Stones provide an instant and lasting tan-boost that blends and builds easily to your desired level of bronze.
  • Indescent bronze and gold blend together for a gorgeous and glowing bronze effect.
  • Unique Sun Stones provide the soft, smooth look of a loose powder without the mess."
PROS: Physicians Formula describes this product wonderfully! In the pot there are beads of two colors- a shimmering gold and a matte tan, deep cocoa. They blend well together and give you a Hollywood glow!

CONS: Beads float around as you rub across them with your brush and at times they will get caught in between your bristles. I use a duo fibre brush (MAC #187)dusting lightly across the beads and apply. The lighter beads carry bigger chunks of glimmer.. but I don't mind. They are a bit sparse and I like having an option with just shimmer , bronze and a little drama.

Do you have this bronzer? What do you think of it?


arTIAstry :: Makeup Artistry by TIA said...

Kia, that looks like chocolate and reese's candy! I've never tried bronzer beads, they'd probably end up all over my floor. I've been wondering how good Physician Formula's products were though so this is good information.

Shana said...

omg Tia they do look like that! Kia had us contemplating these in NY last month. I am still pondering some of the PF products, I just have to wrap my mind around paying department store prices for drugstore products.

yummy411 said...

@ artiastry: tia.. they do remind me of reese's cereal! great! let me know if you try them!

@ shana: scope out the products that have $3 coupons attached!

Shen said...

Ooohhh! they do look like reese's!! :) I love bronzers! As many Filipinas here have golden skintone, something like this would definitely come in handy. how i wih physicians formula is sold here. :)