Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My makeup essential: Urban Decay's duo liner from the Naked Palette

This is the current state of the black/brown liner duo that came with my Naked palette from Urban Decay.  I love this! I use this every day that I wear makeup.  I use the black on my top lid and/or water line and the brown for my bottom lid.  I'm so glad I got this instead of the brush that now comes with the palette.  A fab brown and slick black liner in one.  No more fishing around for my fave two liners.  UD please sell duo liners! I dread the day I can no longer sharpen the pencil :(

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socialitedreams said...

it is super convenient! lord knows that i dont need any more brushes, i'm glad to have gotten the duo brushes too


Celina said...

Do you know whether they are selling this as a separate item in general? I love it too but will be so sad when mine runs out and I can't replace it!

B said...

I still need to get the palette!!

BBM said...

OoooO! gotta dry this one! thx!

yummy411 said...

@ socialitedreams: yes, very convenient!

@ celina: they aren't selling this as a separate item

@ b: lol! get the palette!

@ bbm: i'm sure you'll love it!

Shen said...

I agree! the duo liner is really handy. :) and they really last a long time too on the waterlines and i live in a tropical country. :)