Friday, February 25, 2011


Fun, fun, fun in NY with beauty junkies (Nikkia of Silverlips and Shana Janelle) that understand "browsing" for hours for makeup OR makeup shopping and food comes last!

I stalk Duane Reades when I'm in NY. Here I found a Latina makeup line..YAY!!! *shakes bells*... but where is it???
#irritated: photog skillz sux, loving my Ruby Star Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick and then not being able to find my digi-cam charger.

Other #Randoms:
1. I ordered myself an Edible Arrangement -__-
2. I'm appreciating a good sports bra over a regular bra.
3.Can't wait to get this new glitter acrylics.. dark powder, green scaley glitter... yum!
4. Me and the kid constantly exchange I<3 u's.

Upcoming topics to chat about:

1. Stila's illuminating tinted moisturizer
2. My fave drugstore bronzer of the moment
3. Wearing red lipsticks that I collect thanks to Erin
4. Nars and Inglot!


Amina said...

YAY! I loove these random thoughts you shared with us! Red looks amazing on you!

Keisha said...

Thanks for sharing! I love this random thoughts post.

And Thank you once again for my Award! It means alot to me ;0)

Shadowy Lady said...

thanks for sharing the random's :) I always love reading them

B said...

Aww, my friiiiiends. I miss you guys!! Y'all look so lovely!


I was thisclose to buying myself a Hello Kitty Edible Arrangement. Rock oooon!

Danielle87 said...

Yall look so pretty in that first pic. Your straight face after you said you ordered yourself an edible arrangement made me lol. Ain't nothing wrong with that lol. When you get your glitter acrylics do you know if they do that at all salons and is it the same price as the normal acrylics? Can't wait to see what you have to say about stila's tinted moisturizer...I've been eyeing it for awhile so this can help determine if I should buy it

Michelle @ Radiant Brown Beauty said...

OMG Are Edible Arrangements the bomb or what? Their chocolate covered strawberries don't hold a candle to Godiva though. I almost wish the strawberries at Godiva were as good as the strawberries at EA. Either that or the EA strawberries need to have the Godiva Chocolate!

OK talk about totally random :-)

Wish I knew you were in NY. I live here. So I was never into make-up until RECENTLY. I've gone gaga for eye shadows and recently picked up:

Almay i-intensive eye shadow
Almay i-intensive eye liner in purple amethyst
Cover Girl smokey eye pen
L'oreal's smokey eye palettes (2 different colors)
Maybelline's smokey eye palette for brown eyes (hate this one)

Tamara said...

Shopping with those who understand your love of makeup is fantastic. Usually I shop solo because few of my friends really get it. LOL

Loving the red lip too, it's so pretty. :]

nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

Loving that red lip super hot and pretty! And i'm also loving the random post. Its pretty neat, its like getting a snap shot of your goings on and favorite things lol

Juliette Song said...

bounce test. google it. also, love edible arrangements [and the kid]

yummy411 said...

@ amina: thanks girl!

@ keisha: thank you and you're welcome!

@ shadowy lady: thanks gorgeous!

@ b: we would have had double the fun with you! wait, there's such thing as a HK arrangement? wow!

@ danielle87: lol my lil sis and i do it alot in text and IRL and it cracks me up too! the glitter acrylics or designer (?) acrylics are more expensive. it varies from shop to shop. i heard a quote of $50... never! i'll do that review just for you!

@ michelle: omg you are so right about EA vs. Godiva... to the point i was disappointed. i need to go to Godiva for consolation!
Next time I'm in NY (Imat or TMS) I'll have to hit you up! awww a new makeup addict! you got some nice goodies girl!

@ tamara: yes it was great shopping with them, as i'm usu alone also!

@ nikkia: thanks nikkia!!

@ juliette: hahaha! i googled it. it only makes sense. i absolutely do bounce tests when purchasing a bra.

BBM said...

shopping with ure closest gfs are the best! awesome line and blog hun! thanks for stopping by mine! xoxo!