Thursday, February 24, 2011

My round nails are back and black glitter polish love

So my dears, I'm back to my pointy round nails! I missed them! Can you believe I got a refill of the same sparkly glitter. In a rush, I decided this fill would be faster when I really was after pink cream polish and red glitter for Valentines Day. I was totally inspired by Killa Cam. I punked out. *sighs* It's okay, I really love this. There's something I love about dark polish that's not black with some jazz to it... (this is black/charcoal/silver glitter/leans denim blue in some lights)
Check this out, I have all of these:
Nubar Knight's Armor
Sally Hansen nail polish strips in Blue Ice
Milani polish in Silver Dazzle

..but still go right to the shop and get this glitter acrylic. I think I'm obsessed with black glitter-esque polishes, so I've started collecting anything remotely close. I'm still stuck on sparkly purples, but sparkly black has my interest too now. While at the C+C event, I chatted up one of my fave bloggers, Michelle of All Lacquered Up about this and wanting a nail company to come up with a black jelly polish with black glitter. Her response, "We all do! The nail polish companies say to grab a number and get in line!" Something about the formulation doesn't make it the easiest polish to make. The closest we got was Deborah Lippman's Funky Chunky from the 10th Anniversary Collection. Ahh until that idea is perfected and redone, I think I have enough of the options above to keep me busy.

Which one do you think resembles my glitter acrylic mani the most? When Michelle saw my nails she instantly thought of the SH strips in Blue Ice. I'm thinking the Milani gives my nails a run for their money.

P.s. Revlon's Steel Her Heart has stolen my heart a bit. I know, just a steel metallic gray, but it's that dark, but not black quality that does it for me. Love how it coordinated with my black sparkly concoctions on my nails.

What are you rocking on your toes and tips?


Michelle said...

I love black polish. Especially with glitter. Gold works too.

by the way, there's another blog out there with the name Yummy 411. it's

It doesn't appear to be active. Just wondering, is that you too?

Anonymous said...

I was anti-black polish for a long time, but a couple months ago I started liking ones with sparkle and glitter in them.

I really like the color on your nails. Which polish is it? I have Silver Dazzle and love it by itself or with a glossy topcoat on it.

1xellus1 said...

Purdy! I love Revlon Steel Her Heart too! :O) Thanks for sharing

yummy411 said...

@ michelle: hey michelle! that's my .com. i'm mustering up courage to move on over there without any glitches.. i'm scurrred!

@ tamara (3m) ;)- i've been wearing glitter acrylic. my acrylic that the nail tech uses to fill my nails already has color and glitter in them. so after she's done, it's a gel top coat, dry for 5mins and i'm out! i've talked about this in the past but i'll do a formal review with my next go round!

@ 1xellus1: yay another fan! i love sharing this stuff with u gals!