Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cocktails and Couture 2011 Event

Cocktails and Couture was the fab social event hosted by The Makeup Girl, Lianne Farbes for beauty mavens, bloggers, beauty editors and beauty PR to gather during NY Fashion Week.

I had an awesome time mingling with familiar faces and new ones alike! I met a lot of my twitter friends too! Here are some official press photos. My personal cam photos aren't the best, but I may upload them at a later time.

What better place to have a beauty party than at Aveda Academy!
India Jewel of Glam Blush was on the turn tables. She kept me moving!
Hpnotiq kept everything cool and classy making delish cocktails for the event.

Shana won a gift bag! Some people went home with new HTC mobile phones and more!
Here are the recipes to the official cocktails of the night... top class info! Way too yummy for my own good!

Jamie (blue top on the right) was getting her nails Shellac'd (CND)!

Makeup artists unite!--Kelly, Vaughan and me

@Airy88 on the right! Love meeting fellow artists and twitter peeps in real life!

Hpnotiq's candy bar was to die for... I'm still after some grapefruit sour jellies!
Here's This That Beauty's Felicia in a hot red lippie by Stila and Victoria Stiles in the middle with some new hot red hair!
Walking through the Aveda doors, I was wondering who these girls were and what they were holding and giving out: Hpnotiq girls with vials of blue M&M's lol!
Paint & Powder makeover stations!

Full List of Sponsors
Mario Badescu Skincare (Title Sponsor)
Aveda (Venue Sponsor)
Hpnotiq (liquor sponsor)
Alzerina jewelry
FRS Healthy Energy
VMV Hypoallergenics
Smith & Vandiver
Pure Dark
Victoria Stiles
Paint & Powder Pro-Team

A great time was had by all!
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Tamara said...

What a gorgeous venue, setup and attendees. :] Looks like a fantastic time, thanks so much for sharing.

antithesis said...

looks like a good time!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fab time! I would have had to be dragged away from the candy bar!!

yummy411 said...

@ tamara (beauty thesis): it was! and yes we always have a blast! no prob!

@ antithesis: it was a lot of fun!

@ tamara (mocha mish mash): umm i went back for a refill lmao! i have to have a candy bar at a party/function one of these days....

scarves said...
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nilla cookie said...

Dang chica, it's been TOO LONG! You look amazing and I hope all is well! xoxo