Monday, January 24, 2011

Sisters Night Out with MAC Mickey Contractor

This weekend, my sisters and I (all four of us!) were headed out to my cousins bday party. The crazy chaos that ensued with us trying to get ready, I actually enjoyed. I threw in some MAC Mickey Contractor for the night.

I wasn't the photog here, so I had to take what pics were available. This is the closest I could get for an 'fotd' shot.

MAC Mineralized Foundation SPF 15 (cream compact)
Cajun Powder from the Villainous Villains collection
Raizin blush

Mickey Contractor Athma palette
Soft Ochre paint pot to base
Jaan e/s on lid
Folie and Soft Brown e/s in crease
Carbon on outer v
Vivah on the bottom lid
Revlon liquid liner to line top lid
Light soft shimmer shadow on inner corner
UD Zero liner on waterline
MAC Studio finish concealer
Maybelline Falsies waterproof mascara
MAC #35 lashes-- they are still my bff's

Petite Four lipglass (Yes it's super old, but it's from one of my favorite collections! Shopping my stash y'all!)

I'm still so stuck on neutrals! It's hard for me to part from them, even on a night out (Blame it on Bridal Beauty). I'd rather switch up my blush or lip color.

Speaking of blush... I love Raizin. I used to hate it because it was the abused and typical blush by MAC for women of color. I decided that it has its reputation for good reason, so I needed it for my brown beauties. I tried it on myself. LOVE. I love Canteloupe blush, but Raizin is the deeper, mature cousin. It's the powder version of what I wanted my MUFE HD blush #10 to be.

My sister, Toni P/DarbyGirl Online came from far away, wonderland VA from work to attend the party with us and didn't feel jazzy. I suggested Siahi or Ivy fluidlines to spice up her look. I chose Ivy as the best pick. I love it on her. You might have to click on the pic to enlarge it to see it better.

We had an awesome night out together.... I mean, we always do! I love having time with them!

Hope you had a great weekend! What did you do? Anything makeup related?


Keisha said...

Your makeup looks Gorgeous and Im glad to hear you had a great time ;0)

The Dollymix Diaries said...

Your make up looks amazing!! You are so beautiful.

Celina said...

You girls look amazing, so stylish! I especially love your lip colour~

antithesis said...

everyone looks great! i especially love your look. i saw raizin in the cco in leesburg. y didnt i get it? idk, b/c im slow. i'll get it later. ANYWAY, i didnt do anything too special this weekend. i went to work saturday and then i grabbed some g'town cupcakes for my sister and hung with her and her fam all sunday.

Nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

Aww my favorites sisters look fabulous!!! I purchased Raizin a while ago, but I have yet to use it lol but it looks fabulous on you!!!

Jessica Dee said...

I love the color of your lips here, looks aweeesome!

Pumps and Gloss said...

Pretty, pretty and pretty!!!

Amina said...

I love this look!!
I do remember that collection with les petits fours!! I hope it will come back :)

yummy411 said...

@ keisha: thanks keisha girl! :)

@ the dollymix diaries: thanks nu nu!

@ celina: thanks! i'll have to pull out the gloss more often huh?

@ antithesis: thank you! yumm gtown cupcakes! plans for super bowl?

@ nikkia: thanks lady! yes pull out the raizin girl!

@ jessica dee: thanks jessica!

@ pumps and gloss: thanks apple diva!

@ amina: ahh culture bloom put me madly in love with MAC :)