Monday, January 17, 2011

MAC Mickey Contractor Collection... My Take

(Image Source)
Swatches from Karla Sugar
Some collection details...

I was pretty excited about this collection. Anything especially produced for women of color piques my interest. A small collection, but interesting nonetheless.

My haul:
Athma (I keep trying to call this an asthma palette, lol)
Siahi and Ivy fluidlines
(A small and modest haul.)

Collectors- Don't get yourselves in a tussy about this one because we definitely either have the items (2 permanent shadows in the quad) or something similar. It's a small collection and only sold in 22 stores or something like that. Surprisingly, it's still online! DC area peeps, Georgetown has the collex.
Artists/Consumers- The correctors and additional shades of Fix Fluid are good to have. Worth checking out.
Quad collectors- I call this one for the win.
Must haves: If you aren't on a neutral kick like me, but like gel liners... the fluidlines are absolutely bea-uuuu-tiful!

I'm always on the hunt for some noteworthy neutrals. "... and baby when I tell you!" -in my Messy Mya voice (RIP), that the Athma quad gave me some life. It did. The lightest color, Jaan, has a peach tone to it with a bit of sparkle. Fab. Folie, a reddish brown is always good to have. In my palette, Carbon didn't appear to be its rich, velvety self, but it's okay. It will serve it's purpose. Shocker of the day: Vivah! A golden shimmered brown. Don't be afraid of these shimmers. They are pretty slight, no nighttime disco club fever, but a bit to add some richness to the colors. Thank you MAC for balancing out a quad with matte colors and shimmery shades!

This quad makes a stand next to Urban Decay's Naked palette. Hot!

I skipped the other items because:
-I have waaaayyy too many neutral lippies as is
-Scuurrred Sur blush was going to look just like Darkly My Dear blush from the Villainous Villains collection.
-Gana is quite a few highlighters that I already own, but in its own pan. What came to mind right away was the split pan sculpt and shape duos that MAC released. Maybe. The lighter/highlighter side in my duo gave me the perfect, non chalky sheen.

What did you get from the collection? What did you think of it?


1xellus1 said...

This was one collex I skipped. I was interested in the exact same items which you purchased, as well as the ltd edition correctors. I spent my money on NARS Sheer Glow instead as I had been wanting to try it for a long time. LOL Thanks for sharing your take on the collex.

antithesis said...

i skipped this collection but if i were to allow myself only one thing, it would have been the ivy fluidline.

♥ lreneej ♥ said...

I only got Siahi, Ivy and Saffron eyeshadow from this collection, but your review is making me consider the quad now! Luckily I dont have Carbon or Folie... May have to go to Georgetown and see if they still have in stock.

Jacquelyn said...

I only ended up with Oomph e/s and Ivy fluidline from this collection. I wanted Siahi fluidline but it was sold out before I can order one.

yummy411 said...

@ 1xellus1: oooh let me scoot on over to your blog to see how you like the nars sheer fdtn! i had a sample that i didn't finish. it was nice, but not my ultimate, even for everyday :/

@ antithesis: yes ivy is nice!

@ ireneej: check it out if you can. i'm a big neutral lover(pigmented neutrals of course)!

@ jacquelyn: awww i checked online before writing this post and it was still there. it's a really cool fluidline.

Amina said...

I haven't been into makeup in a while...kinda lost my mojo so I had no idea MAC had released 3-4
I think I am going to run to order siahi....

yummy411 said...

hey amina! it seems siahi is the winning product every one's after from this collection!