Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner Review

I picked up Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner at The Makeup Show NY with some Cinema Secrets Foundation palettes. I couldn't get a hold of my trusty Ben Nye brush cleaner for spot cleaning (spray cleaner on brush or towel and rub brush back and forth), so I finally pulled this baby out. Oooh yes, my brushes were clean and a bit shiny as if the cleaner had conditioned them! Nice! Quick drying time!

Uh oh... the 'fragrance' is strong =( It was slightly pleasant at first, but then it got sickeningly annoying... like old rubbing alcohol and grandma's vintage drugstore fave. I get past some smells like Revlon's new Colorburst lipsticks, I even LOVE MAC's vanilla signature scent, but this is one I couldn't shake. When I did a test run of the brush over my arm to see if it was dry, the smell transferred to my arm. *Sigh* Small item to note: This didn't clean my goat hair brushes of the old, bad staining from other eyeshadows (a hot pink and blue). Not the brush cleaner's fault.

Overall, fab product if you can stand the smell! Parian Spirit here I come... will I get annoyed with the citrus fragrance?


...ALLmEYEne... said...

OMG...that's how I am with so many products. Facial cleansers, perfumes, soaps, etc. I need everything has to be scent free and hypoallergenic. However my wants outweigh my needs and I need a fabolous quick drying brush cleaner. I keep wondering about the Parian Spirit, but I think I'll stop playing around and go for it.

yummy411 said...

ooh can't wait to read your review when you do if i don't buy some parian spirit first hahaha

Bedalyz said...

I love this cleaner, to me it's the best one I've bought so far. I even blogged about it. True, the scent is super strong and I wouldn't dare to clean my brushes in a closed area. No No. But are left super clean and dry so fast! I like the vanilla scent they are left with after cleaning them.

I guess it would be perfect if they could take off the strong smell. Still, I'll keep buying it. =)

~Kymmy~ said...

The cinema secrets cleaner is my go-to cleaner. I freakin LOVE it. It does the best & drys the fastest during big makeup jobs. I haven't found one better at cleaning & drying time yet. If u find one, please let me know.