Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Makeup Show NYC Part1: Blogger Edition (Picture Heavy!)

This post will be the Blogger Edition. When I'm at these events, I get super excited to meet other bloggers that have as much passion for this thing called beauty blogging as I do AND those that I talk to often or read their material and have never met!

We hit New York, had a delish brunch at a diner and went to the Blogger Preview, a media event to let us bloggers know what to expect and what to look out for from the brands at the show. Kevin James, a.k.a. "Blendarella" of Make Up For Ever with James Vincent having a comedic moment. They are definitely characters and fun to watch!

Do you guys see what he's holding? Yes! The new HD blushes from MUFE! I think I was most giddy to find out about these blushes and purchase them!

Gorgeous gals at the preview, Amy/The Beauty Chick and Nancy/
The Informed Makeup Maven

After the preview, we moved on to our hotel, a meeting, some Duane Reade browsing (yes, that's an event for me, hahaa) and finally made it to Fly Lounge at the Taj II-- a networking event hosted by Erin/Scandalous Beauty and Warren B./Warren Beautiful. Everything was fab and I met lovely bloggers and Twitter friends!

Me and Amy again...she just glows! ;)

It's Danielle/The Style and Beauty Doc!! I *heart*

I was also introduced to the Indian Summer and nice sweet and spicy drink that rocked my socks! The best spicy drink I've had thus far!

I finally met Reina/A Hidden Gem and Azia/Faces by Aziajs!!

Warren B. and Nikkia/Silverlips

We had to leave our blogging buddies to make it to dinner in Little Italy. We hopped in a cab and made it happen.

In the backseat of rollercoaster, I mean taxi.

Toni/Sis/DarbyGirl, Tia/Artiastry, and moi

The next day was our only day at the two day event, The Makeup Show NYC. Once we got there, we made plans to be there all day.

Me and K./Pumps and Gloss-- we go back! She had on her glam face the day before, but it's all good. Glowing skin is always glamorous.

Myself, Karen/Karen's World of Beauty and Nikkia/Silverlips.

B. Rose/@NYCB_, not a blogger, but a fellow MUA and reader ;) I love meeting Yummy411 readers!

Whew! A few of us broke away from The Show to grab some fuel. Like last year, we broke bread with pizza. After we all ate, I whipped out the camera for a pic. Like true beauty mavens, a picture could not be snapped before freshening up the gloss. All the makeup bags surfaced as they fished through for their lippies of choice; I snuck a pic anyway!

Outside, an innocent bystander became a photographer (with an arm full of cameras)!

l-r: Erin/Makeup Fiend, Brittany/Clumps of Mascara (dipped down front), Sheryl/beauty blog reader, Nikkia/Silverlips, Naratu (sp?)/beauty blog reader, Krystal/Clumps of Mascara rep (dipped down front), Santara/The Gorgeous Ingredient, moi and Toni

Back inside the building, we met up with one of my fave beauty bloggers. Seriously. From day 1, Michelle/All Lacquered Up has been so cool and down to earth. She's awesome and she deserves all the success and nail polish that comes her way, hahaa. She has gorgeous hair too. Always.

B and I took pics with our new friends, blog readers and show attendees: Naratu and Sheryl. Heyyy ladies! ;)

B and I are pictured here with one of the hottest bloggers around, Gangstarr Girl. She's awesome. I love that she can write, flip and spit hip hop theory with the best of them. Think you know hip hop? Check out her blog ;)
(Man, they make me look so pastey!)

Adina/Krasey Beauty and Melissa of CoverFX makeup!

Amina/Coup de Couer and Toni... omg it was such a pleasure to finally meet the sweetest blogger ever! I need that necklace in my life right?

Nerissa/Noire Tropical Beauty, Toni, moi and Erin/Makeup Fiend-- she had on the most fab red lippie, MAC's Brave Red and awesome matching accessories!

I'm pictured with fab Victoria Styles, blogger and DMV MUA that was also a presenter this year at The Makeup Show, giving advice on online presence!

Yannize/Ammo Mag and Toni got a picture in blogger style.

Ladies! I got to meet Tysh/Addicted2Makeup! Trust me, this pic doesn't do her any justice. I was in awe!

Yay! I got a picture with Lori from Smashbox. She says she remembers me from last year, but I don't believe her ;) LOL! She looked gorgeous!

B and I are pictured with none other than the fab Vex in the City/Yinka!!! The UK beauty blogger star ;) So glad we caught up. Next time we meet and either are so far across the waters, we must make more time to sit down, break bread and chit chat... not in the midst of the beautiful chaos. ;)

I'm pictured here with Risa. She's probably unaware, but we've been Specktralites for a while and then I've been a fan of her Youtube since she came back online! I had to get a picture with her. I hope she doesn't think I'm some crazy internet person! lol
Felicia/This That Beauty! She didn't have on her fab statement red lippie (Lipstick Queen?) but it's okay. She's so beautiful inside it radiates outward. Gorg with a lippie or not! Love ya girl!

Whew! I'm going to suffer for this one, but I had to do all of these pictures justice!

Coming up:
-My top 3 Products from The Makeup Show


deborahw said...

awesome ness! can't wait to see your haul!

PoorCollegeStudent said...

Looks so fun! I was supposed to go to the IMATS LA, but I think I might not be able to since I'm flying to boston the first saturday night. poo. I guess I will have to live vicariously through you!

Pumps and Gloss said...

I am a tad jealous that you got to meet Amy (The Beauty Chick). I will get over it! lol

Great pics for sure.

Amina said...

omg! Love love love love the pictures! It was simply amazing!!!
Can't wait for part 2 and 3..lemme guess HD blushes will make the cut :)
I got the necklace from
and thank you for your kind words!!! hugs

Anonymous said...

love, love, love the photos! ...Avartsy.

B said...


Okay, I'm done. Hope you're planning for our DC meet-up. Holla!

And then Europe! Holla, part II.

Join the Gossip said...

FUN! What a blast! Can you believe I haven't been to a big blogger conference since Total Beauty here in LA?

p.s. I'm hosting a giveaway. Feel free to visit my blog to check it out!

Sheryl said...

Awww I love the pics!!! You guys are the best beauty bloggers EVAAAAAA!!! Between Brittany from Clumps and you Kia and are the best. I'll be at the next beauty event on the east coast :) (Wherever that

gg said...

yummy you look so pretty. loving the curly locs on you. nice pictures!

Tysh said...

Ohhh, thank you Kia for the comment, and ladies she is gorgous Makeup was FABULOUS, and the hair

Sara (The Makeup said...

Amazing pictures! I am so excited for you. It looks like so much fun and how fabulous to meet all these beautiful ladies!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

So upset I mied the show this year, thanks for the great pics.

Tia L. said...

I'm just now seeing this post! I'm so late! Great time had by all!

The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

I am soooo late, but The Makeup Show was soooo fun! I wish we could have one every Loved meeting all the cool fellow beauty addicts, too.