Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drugstore Paparazzi 7/20/2010: New Milani

I haven't done one of these posts in a minute, huh? Nouveau Cheap, one of my favorite newer blogs keeps you up to date on all things bargain beauty. I don't keep up on every release in the drugstore, but I love to show you what piques my interest!

Ooooh! Ahhh! I'm really excited about these new Lip Flash pencils! I got two of them: News Flash and I believe, In a Flash. I gave them a quick run and they made me squeal. They deserve their own separate post!

More baked bronzers from Milani? Or revamped baked bronzers? I saw these Milani Baked Bronzers a while back. However, here is the stand for the new product, ummm minus the actual product. *Sigh* I guess we can't have it all, huh? Actually, I had one of the three bronzers in my basket (forgot to take a picture, hehe), got to the register and couldn't swallow the $10 price tag for yet another shimmery bronzer. Wait for BOGO? More than likely. These are more refined than the foil-tastic baked bronzers they had before. The packaging isn't as chunky and they look appealing. You will definitely get glitter shimmers, but I'm willing to try them at a better bargain price! I hear the mosaic bronzers/blush colors are the bomb!

Omg, I spy HD Advanced Concealer! I didn't notice it until I looked at the picture on the computer. Making items ankle-level is never a good idea. Will be back at the store pronto to check that out!

Have any of you seen these products? Tried them? Tell me what you think!


antithesis said...

seeing as how the drugstore i regularly frequent barely keeps regular milani in stock, i havent seen any of whay you've listed. guess i owe walgreens and rite aid a visit in the near future.

DWJ said...

I got excited when I saw the pencils the other day and there was an empty slot for another lipstick of some sort too at my CVS. I'm waiting for a coupon!

1xellus1 said...

i'm ready to squeal myself! LOL love a bogo though! thnx for sharing

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen these yet! Gotta get to CVS!! The lip pencils look purdy...looking forward to seeing your thoughts on them.

I BLEED PINK said...

Wow, I have not see any of this new stuff. I have all of thier tan-tastic bronzers and I like them. I will have to check out these! said...
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Vanessa M. said...

helllo amazing!

Recessionista! said...

Thank you so much for the shout-out! :D And WOW, I have yet to see those new pencils but I can't WAIT for your review!

BTW, I reviewed the HD Concealer a while back and, for me, it's just meh. It's really more of a highlighter like YSL Touche Eclat. It didn't conceal my blemish scars or dark circles at all, which really bummed me out. But for what it is, it's nice and has a good texture. I'm curious to see what you think of it if you try it. xo

yummy411 said...

@ antithesis: they surprise us over in my area by having new things in a timely manner every now and again.

@ dwj: i just couldn't help myself and got them full price =( i had extracare bucks but after all my other items in the basket, they still seemed full price.

@ 1xellus1: I'll get more when bogo rolls around! Np!!

@mocha mish mash: they are!

@ i bleed pink: i'm glad you like those bronzers. they scared me a bit that they would be too frosty for my taste.

@ sharine: please contact me thru my contact button!

@ vanessa m: hey girlie! yes they are quite nice!!

@ recessionista: Np! I'm sure they'll be in a store near you soon!

0_o @ the HD concealer =( hmmmmmm is there a drugstore concealer i like?? thanks for the info!


Tammy said...

I haven't seen these lippies yet!!

I own the HD concealer, I think it's a really good product. I hate the clicky pen though, it dispenses too much product.