Friday, July 23, 2010

Milani Lip Flash Pencil Review and Swatches

The other day, I got a drugstore pic of the Milani Lip Flash display. Here's my review of the two Lip Flash pencils I picked up- In a Flash (hot purple/pink/ magenta) and News Flash (deep red/burgundy).

I know pics are better when the product is untouched, but I'm a makeup junkie! I'm in the car swatching and testing as I leave the CVS! More on the condition of these two pencils in just a sec.

So as you can see, News Flash didn't hold up too well. I have no idea what went wrong or why this color is so mushy...lots of pigment perhaps? Hehe. Both pencils were kept in the same conditions.... While In a Flash can be applied directly, a lip brush was needed for News Flash. The mushy consistency didn't effect the color and coverage. Also, News Flash appears to be a bit more opaque in coverage than In a Flash (the pink---if you got confused with the 'Flashes').

[Click to enlarge images!] In a Flash (pink) flashes blue in the light. News Flash has a few subtle, sparkly pigments.

The Stats:
-great coverage, decent wear time, and doesn't stain!
If it does leave any staining, it does ever so lightly where there's little to no altering of natural lip color.

I look forward to wearing these in the very near future. I picked up the dark, News Flash pencil for a summer vamp lip. A deep lip, but not the black or almost black goth trend. Something to pair with light, summer colors- yellow, peach, coral or bright fuchsia!

I'll be doing an FOTD soon!


antithesis said...

dont think i saw this in the last cvs i was in. im going later today to pick up something else so i'll get a chance to see what's what.

1xellus1 said...

thank you for sharing. i cant wait to ck out these!

DWJ said...

Man now you've got me wanting to walk over to my CVS in this hot weather during my lunch break to buy 1 or 2!!

I BLEED PINK said...

So, in a flash needs to be mine!! Can you sharpen them?

...ALLmEYEne... said...

OMG...these look fabulous. I'm supposed to not be buying makeup until Labor Day (grrrr) why I do that to myself I don't know. But I want these. I've been doing way more lip color this summer and my NYX pencils are a litttle to dry. How do these apply? have you tried applying them on someone else?

Oh and I'm a spontaneous/instantaneous swatcher too.

Seymone said...

Yes maam.. I will check out my drugstore over the weekend and see if its in yet..

Melissa W. said...

These look promising although it is odd how the darker color was so smushy. I'll have to try a few and see how they are. :) Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

The pigmentation look great. Too bad the dark one is smushy, but nothing a lip brush can't fix. Lovin' the pink one!