Thursday, June 03, 2010

May Pretty Committee Meetup!

I've missed meeting up with the ladies of The Pretty Committee (TPC, our monthly makeup meetup group) so much! We planned for a big tea party shindig at a local mansion with foreign themed gardens, but we cancelled due to the weather and didn't have a proper rain date in place. I lived and learned!

However, a few of us didn't want to let the day go to waste and decided to do light shopping around Georgetown. Due to prior engagements, I met up with the girls a bit later for the sweetest part of all... cupcakes at the now infamous, Georgetown Cupcake shop.

Delicious, designer cupcakes were just what we needed. After standing in line, in the rain nonetheless, we we able to get in, get our treats and score a table in the intimate space. We chatted, caught up on our ideas, aspirations and more. A great time was had by all.

(Sheryl, me, Nikkia and Shana)

(Thanks Sheryl for the pics!)

Georgetown Cupcake had cute cupcakes, but Red Velvet Cupcakery is just as good if you aren't in the Georgetown or Bethesda area. The advantage of GC is that they have a dine-in space, even if limited. Both will have fierce competition as New York's Crumb cupcakes are moving to town! The huge personal cake size cupcakes are a great bang for your buck! (I haven't heard word of when they will be set to open.)


Chrissy said...

Red Velvet Cupcakery is gooooooooood!!!

Amina said...

I love the TPC!! those cupcakes look so good!!

Reina said...

I STILL haven't gotten a cupcake from there, grrrrrrr.

Tawanna said...

Red Velvet is so good, you makin' me wanna walk in this hot as crap weather thru Chinatown to get me a cupcake :D

Angry Asian said...

was there a few weekends ago with my own group of friends: The Joy Luck Club and the LINE WAS HORRENDOUS. i was not about to stand in that line.

my cousin works at a boutique just a few doors down called Annie Creamcheese and sometimes GTown Cupcakes gives them free cupcakes. lucky girl.

Stylin' & Profilin' said...

looking lovely fun!!!! :-)

I BLEED PINK said...

What a fun concept.

Atiyah said...

I can't wait for crumbs to open.

yummy411 said...

@ chrissy: it is! what's your fave cupcake from there? mine is the summertime cupcake!

@ amina: we love you too babe!

@ reina: whenever you are in georgetown, stop by!

@ tawanna: i couldn't find your email. i was gonna ask if you wanted to go. i know we work in the same area.

@ angry asian: lol! the line is part of the experience lol!! your friend is lucky!!

@ stylin and profilin: thanks A!

@ i bleed pink: thanks lady! ;)

@ atiyah: "and you are not alooonnne" lol!