Monday, May 24, 2010

The Makeup Show Part2: Brand and Product Edition

Here are some brands and products that caught my eye this year at The Makeup Show NYC 2010. Read on for another pic heavy post of cosmetic goodness! Check out last year's posts as many of the same brands were present this year at the show. Want to see my Part1: Blogger Edition?

PAPERSELF Lashes! The most adorable thing and so my thing. I bought a pair and can't wait to wear them. Afraid of the durability though ;(

Up close! Cute right?

The three adorable chicas that repped the brand at the show, all wearing the ultra cute, unique lashes!

Linda Mason Elements-- bringing art back to makeup! I'm so enamoured by her whimsical and quirky art sense. It makes me feel artsy fartsy about my makeup tools! Next trip to NY, I have to take a trip to her boutique. This is the ultimate merger between my love of makeup and my first inspiration, my dad's art!
Look at those colorful brushes! (...and the brush belt, t-shirt and cases!)

Toni swatched some of the shadows to check for pigmentation.. bold, water color? Nice!

The Linda Mason team at the show... Yup, that's Linda Mason on the right!

Dinar Airbrush-- look at the cool creations they were making at the show: sparkly, neon leopard hair

Neon airbrush temporary tattoos

Flawless beauty makeup

I wish I would have inquired as to what brand did her FX make up, alas I didn't. Walking through the crowds of people were creations like these.. freaky! Snap a pic! lol!

Again, I don't know what brand created this body art, but look at her face! Just like a painting! Incredible!

MAC Cosmetics was creating this piece..

as well as this one.

Another work of art by Cosmix (thanks to the identifying name tag! lol), walking around amongst the normal. It totally catches you off guard!

Melissa of CoverFX talks to Toni about one their latest product, The Big Cover Up. It's sold out on HSN! It's an awesome little compact, a 5 in 1-- foundation, contour, highlight and setting powder with a handy mirror. Oh such a Go Mommy Go item as well as a great introductory item to CoverFX! Can't wait to get my hands on this! I'm always looking for ways to down size my makeup bag!

Eve Pearl was at the show working her magic. Fans crowded around and filiming took place.. a star was in the building!

Makeup Designory had a mini makeover going on... the artist used a brush and brow pencil to fill brows.. genius! I brush my liner for eye liner, but never thought to use the concept in my brows. I love it!

Cinema Secrets eye shadow palette, lip color palette, concealers and more!

Three Custom Color Specialist's display. They can whip up a custom creation or choose from their expertly blended and ready to purchase products. Their special product of the day was their 5 full coverage lipstick colors.
So many things to choose from and more, stay tuned to find out what products came in on my Top 3 Products list from The Makeup Show!


Reina said...

The model with the body paint with the sphere going around it's head was created by Makeup Forever. That was haute!

Tysh said...

@Reina you beat me to it, I was going to tell her the same thing...

Avartsy said...

lmao @ 'freaky...snap a pic' haha...

Tawanna B. said...

O-M-G! I wish I had gone this year, but I didn't have the moolah :o< I like the pic from pt. 1 of you, your sis and the other young lady in the cab! Very NYC, Sex in the City vibe!! So glad you made this post!

Amina said...

love love love the pictures!
thank you for sharing!

Dao said...

So exciting! I always want to go to The Makeup Show and IMATS but my location doesn't allow me to do so. I'm so glad you had such a good time and got a chance to meet so many interesting bloggers :)

PoorCollegeStudent said...

I nominated you for a sweet blogger award on my blog here:

Sara (The Makeup said...

You got such amazing pictures! Thank you!! Looks like so much fun!

The Informed Makeup Maven said...

I love the lash art and Neon airbrush art! So cool Would you wear either?

thirddarbygirl said...

the lashes are not my favorite by far.. unless im in a crazy fashion show or photo shoot every day wear those things are scary!
Everything else looked great! :)

DiWiMakeup said...

WOW, awesome creations. Truly makeup does wonders. Thanks for sharing!

xo, Diana

Anonymous said...

Girl that was a makeup orgy! I know you guys are like still recovering from the effects of so much makeup!

Anonymous said...

Girl that was a makeup orgy! I know you guys are like still recovering from the effects of so much makeup!

yummy411 said...

@ reina and tysh: thanks!

@ avartsy: that's how i felt when i saw those ppl hahaha!

@ tawanna and amina: of course! my pleasure!

@ dao: we'll see you there one year!!

@ poor college student: thanks hon!!

@ sara: thank YOU! ;)

@ the imakeup maven: the lashes of course!!

@ thirddarbygirl: well i'll def wear the lashes and scare you!

@ diwi makeup: np!

@ keshajo: i am.. i've been slow to be interested in other makeup since! ;p