Thursday, May 20, 2010

Comparing MAC's Undercurrent and Milani's Color Brilliance Green

The left swatch: MAC's Undercurrent Pearlglide Liner-One of the six pearlglide liners released with the MAC Art Supplies collection, a sparkly, vibrant, clover green

Tbe right swatch: Milani's Color Brilliance Eye Liner in Green- One of the four Color Brilliance liners offered by Milani

This is my best photo from the blackberry. They are both gorgeous and I'm glad I own them!! Thanks to Nikkia/Silverlips and Yannize for hooking a sis up with Undercurrent... it was hot on the streets and hard to find! ;)

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The Informed Makeup Maven said...

Green is so in this summer. I love the intensity of the pigments and sheen which are great for my narrow eyes.

Thanks for sharing!

yummy411 said...

np! i looovvvvveee undercurrent! while both are pretty, undercurrent may last a pinch longer than the milani.