Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Wet N Wild Eye Shadow Palettes, Lipstick, Polish January

Hey family!
I stopped reading other people's blogs to update mine! Ha!

I haven't see these items on the blogs I read, so I decided to show you what I found in my neck of the woods. I was making a mad dash to Rite Aid to pick up some disposables for a gig and I spotted this: new Wet N Wild eye shadow palettes and a collection with new lipsticks and polish. Sorry for not getting a full shot, but the display was right across from the registers and I didn't want to seem stalkerish... I haven't been feeling too paparazzi lately.

Great! These ColorIcon palettes, are so much cuter than their old Ultimate Expressions palettes (which I believe these are called as well). They retail $4.99... ehhh. However, these were 40% off, woo hoo! I grabbed two- Pride and Greed (2nd and 4th palettes). What's up with the names? Lust is the third palette and Vanity, perhaps is the first palette. The names totally don't match the promo image.

I love little collection releases, but these pink and red lipsticks and polishes weren't enticing enough for me to grab any. The polishes were $1.99, not too sure about the price of the lipsticks. Maybe when I'm in the mood for a Valentine's FOTD, these might come in handy! **Edited: Interested in a review of the lipstick and nail polish? Check out Nouveau Cheap's post!

Artificial light, flash.. nevermind that. You get the picture right? This is the Pride palette.

SWATCHES! So this particular palette has the same three colors in a matte finish and a shimmer finish. This is not the case for all of the palettes. Sorry, I haven't used the other palette yet, so I didn't swatch it.

Included in the palette is a little brush and a little sponge applicator. As you would expect, the brush is useless, but a cute attempt. The colors are nice, but I'm undecided on how I feel about them. Decent color and pigmentation for Wet N Wild, but I feel I've had better shadows from them. The mattes (like the green) I noticed oxidized a bit, (kinda like MUFE) so either you don't mind or should use a more opaque, colored base with them than what I used which was MAC's Painterly paintpot.

Have you seen these or tried them?
p.s. Jamez, over the holidays I found the Santa Baby palette at my CVS!


Dwana, (SME) Subject Matter Expert of S.O.S said...

I haven't seen them at all. Your swatches look really good. It makes me wonder...I've snagged W&W shadows before and was...not happy. I can't remember which line it was (sorry) but the palette looks like flowers. I purchased two and one had white, blues, purples?, and maybe a gold.

Thanks for your swatches, Diva!

Recessionista! said...

OMG, you are going to crack UP when you see my latest blog post. I literally think we were probably writing our posts at the exact same time. LOL!!! It looks like our drugstores get their products at the same time too! :) But as usual, your in-store pics kick serious booty over mine, and I am SO excited that you got an eyeshadow palette, which I am sooo excited to try. I only got a lipstick and nail polish. :)

I'm going to update my post to link to this so my readers can see your awesome review! xo

Recessionista! said...

I just added a link in my review to this post. :) xo

...ALLmEYEne... said...

I miss the drugstore paparazzi. I just saw these today in my drugstore and plan on going to pick up either the pride or vanity. I actually like the Ultimate Expression palette (Sand castle) so I'm looking forward to trying these out. Looking forward to seeing some looks.

yummy411 said...

@ dwana: i know the palette that you are speaking of. i didn't get one of those, so i'm not sure about it, but i take your word for it.

@ recessionista: hilarious! thanks for the link love. it's returned ;)

@ allmeyene: awww, i still take the pics, just not as much or as many as i used to. i look forward to some look from you too!

Tammy said...

I just saw these today!! They look really pretty..wet n wild has stepped up their

Beauty Minerals said...

The pics came out well even though you were in a hurry. thanks for taking the time to share!