Monday, January 04, 2010

Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade

My hair is naturally a dusty brown as my older sister has programmed into my head. A brown that looks dry, without lustre, lacking moisture... you get my drift, right? To cure this problem, I started with rinses (semi-permanent hair color) in high school and bumped up to full permanent hair color in college. Give me any color but my own! When I started locking, I didn't foresee this as a problem.

I noticed my locks seemed dry and not lustre-filled as I've seen on others. (I'm not in search of shiny locs; no such thing exists!) I condition them after cleaning them, I've tried a clear rinse on them (to promote shine), various sheen sprays, serums and oils. Nothing seemed to last or do the trick. Am I doomed until I'm ready for more permanent hair color? I avoided hair color in the early stages of locking because I was advised that the chemical process would make it harder for my hair to loc. Also, I know dye is harsh on hair and can cause dryness without proper care.

My sister asked me if I greased my hair. Huh? I use oils and sprays. I don't like grease from my relaxed days. I needed grease when my hair was relaxed as nothing else would keep it controlled and moisturized. However, that would lead to heavy, dirtier hair faster. I definitely didn't want that with my locks! DING! I have the hair type that NEEDS grease. It eats up any moisture. Grease would keep my hair from looking like the Sahara Desert with tumble weed.

I picked up the closest product still available as I don't indulge in too many hair care products anymore. Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade ($3-4) was on hand. Nice smell and the consistency was thick enough to satisfy my taste. The pomade is clear/cloudy white in color. Decent results. My hair wasn't shining, but my hair wasn't terribly thirsty either. I felt a bit of tack; it is a pomade. Maybe I was trying to slightly saturate my hair? I would buy this again, but a product junkie is always on the prowl.

Do you grease your locs? Do you have my hair type? What product do you like best to give your locs some lustre?


Nickey said...

In the winter,I use Nature's Blessings pomade In the summer Koret Amen oil

Anonymous said...

Hi Yummy,

I had the very same problem when I used to rock my locs. I recommend Pantene Hair Sheen, it was great for my dry locs.


1xellus1 said...

my tween daughters have sandy brown hair. & yes, it looks dry. I used coconut oil today after they both washed & conditioned. I saw this cantu prod on dominichulinda's blogspot today. this must be the biz! thanks for sharing sis!

Natural_herbal said...

hey i love Shea butter products.

~J said...

Castor oil usually does the trick for me. This reminds me to do a hot oil treatment this weekend. The weather in MD has been brutal as of late.

yummy411 said...

@ nickey and mutha: i'll def check those out!

@ 1xellus1: ahhhh yes, moisterizing after washing while still wet! this product for me was okay. maybe better on loose natural hair than locs.

@ natural_herbal: me too!

@ j: ooh a hot oil treatment. my hair could soooooooooo use that!! thanks for mentioning that!

Back said...
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Shea butter for hair said...

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