Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My Summer Neutral Day Time Look featuring Kid Eye Shadow; Quick Look at Foundations and Eyebrows

Double whammy with this post!

  • A daytime, neutral look featuring the underrated eye shadow Kid.

  • Quick look at foundations and eye brows
Summer time is definitely in full effect now. That means no more heavy creams, no thick foundations, and not a lot of fussy makeup. For this reason, oh yeh and because of my conservative job setting, I'm forced to reduce my makeup to light, neutral application. While it can be boring to document on the blog, I'm sort of appreciating it as a way to play around and enhance my features and not mask them.

FACE: BECCA tinted moisturizer (in Tan, I believe), Ben Nye finishing powder in Topaz
EYES: (no base, I was in a rush!) Kid e/s (a beige cashmere, Veluxe finish) all over lid up to the crease, a creamy white eye shadow from a holiday Prescriptives Palette to brighten the inner corners of my eye, highlight- concealer (Bobbi Brown creamy concealer), MAC Penultimate Liner in Rapid Black, L'Oreal Liquid Kohl pencil on waterline. Concealer for under eyes, MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW30. Mascara, L'Oreal Voluminous Full Definition and Rimmel Glam Eyes Lash Flirt
LIPS: MAC Mad Cap lipglass and Majestic lipglass (before it was eaten away! LOL)
BROWS: MAC Cork and Kid eye shadows
CHEEKS: MAC On a Mission Blush

Kid Eye Shadow- This is one of the shadows that looks deceiving in the pan, but on my skintone, it's so natural and perfect. A bit deeper than my coloring and still warm enough for me to wear. I love having this in my neutrals collection. I call it my Hanna Montana shadow. On her show, she's supposed to look completely like a kid, but they use a range of neutrals on her that are unnoticeable to the non makeup wearer, but a beauty junky like me sees it.

I also mix this with my Cork eye shadow for my brows. I dip my #266 brush in the Cork shadow first, then dip it in Kid eye shadow. I always use something else to brighten Cork just a bit for my desired eye brow color. Sometimes I'll use Swiss Chocolate eye shadow if I want a bit more red in my brows.

Here's another picture of me in some of my run- to neutrals. (Hi KidYum!)

In this picture, on my eyes I have NYX's shadow pencil in Milk on my inner corner, Solar Bits (foiled) in Bronzescape on my lid and some Dark Edge shadow on the outer V. I'll def have to redo this look to show you all the drama for real. While this was just a bit of day time drama, a lot of the look is washed out by the bright NC sunshine! I love the Solar Bits foiled!

For my foundation I'm wearing MAC Studio Fix Fluid with the Ben Nye finishing powder. Can you guys see this difference between the BECCA tinted moisturizer in the top pictures and the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in the last picture?

BECCA (50ml/1.7 fl oz pump bottle) -luminous, not a greasy tinted moisturizer
"A combination tinted moisturiser and sheer foundation, Luminous Skin Colour visibly improves the complexion, yet looks incredibly natural on the skin while offering skincare, makeup, and sun protection in one ingenious product. Contains anti-oxidant vitamins, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients with a broad spectrum SPF 25+. "
-Combines broad spectrum SPF 25+ to protect against over 96% of both UVA and UVB rays
-Contains anti-oxidant vitamins A, B, D, and E to aid tissue repair, increases collagen renewal and moisture holding capacity, while simultenously protecting against pollution and free radical damage
-Contains soothing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients
-Can be applied with a foundation brush, fingertips, or a brush

Quick look FOUNDATION-I love feeling like one of the BECCA models when wearing this! Does the BECCA look more luminous than the Studio Fix Fluid?

Quick look EYEBROWS- take notice that in the first two pics, my brows are freshly bleached. The last picture they are not. I had been waiting a few weeks to bleach them. Does it make a difference to you?

Hopefully, I'll get some swatches up for you guys showing the difference in consistency! What's your every day summer look?


Product Junkie Diva said...

Nice look and kid Yum is too cute.

Connie De Alwis said...

kidyum is so so cute! And your makeup looks great as always :D

Avartsy said...

hmm, i wdn't have noticed the diff. in the brows had you not mentioned them, but the bottom pic is a tad darker than the top two. i also got on the brow bleaching wagon and i thot they were getting darker again but thot it was all in my head..lol, now i know to 're-bleach' them..crazy me!

MakeupBliss said...

I love the neutrals! You look like your barely wearing nothing at all. Kidyum is a handsome fella!

B said...

Gosh the Kid is growing up! He looks like a little man. Awww! How well did that look hold up without a base? Looks like Kid e/s is pretty pigmented enough to stand up on its own!

Shen said...

your lil boy is too cute! :) hug alert! :) i love this look actually.... it really refreshing from all the colors documented on a lot of blogs lately (ehem! mine included!)..

since we only have two seasons here and most of it is summer, I enjoy this kind of look most of the time. :)

I haven't tried Kid shadow, maybe on next month... i'm over my quota already! hehehe!!

Amina said...

Kid yumm is sooo cuuute! Love his smile!

Kia, your skin is glooooooooowing!!!
Loove the look especially the blush :)

Makeup Mama said...

kidyum is so adorable! and lov ethe look you're sporting here, you look amazing!

Shana said...

I am loving neutrals right now, maybe its the warmer weather but I think if you master this look you are pretty darn great at what you do. Kudos to you for knocking it out of the park! Beautiful as always.

Hey KidYum! Heartbreaker in training he is too cute!

yummy411 said...

@pjd and connie: thank you!!

@ avartsy: hahha with you and bleaching your brows. yes, you have to re-do them like a perm blah! lol

@ makeupbliss: thanks! i love them too. a neutral look can look so fresh and bronzey etc.!

@ B: thank you! he really is my little man and takes watching after his mom seriously ha! these pics were taken after work so the shadow held up really well! i guess that's MAC's rep with shadows!

@ shen: thank you! i'm glad you like the look sis ;) kid shadow may be right up your neutral alley!

@ Amina and makeup mama: aww thanks!!

@ shana: thank you! it may be the weather, but you know i'm always thinking about how some makeup junkies go thru the phases of loving color, then loving neutrals. ahh such is life! lol