Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thank you Connie and Blog Awards!

A few weeks ago, it was my birthday. In advance, I got a special birthday package from my blogging buddy Connie. Even though she gave me a heads up to expect a package, it was still a wonderful surprise to actually get the package. Before I opened the bday mail, we (the kid, myself and I showed my dad) oogled over the Malaysian stamps and all, hehe. She packed the envelope with lots of RMK love!! I didn't know of RMK before reading about the line on her blog, but of course she had me intrigued! Everything isn't pictured here because I've either used it or it's in rotation in my purse or on my makeup station. How special is this guys??? I mean, I know Connie is great from her blog, but she really out-did herself.

Thanks B for giving me some bday love in a shout out on your blog! You are too special for remembering my day!

Connie! Look what I found in my neck of the woods- Maybelline's Pulse Perfection. I hope this is still on your wishlist. I'll be grabbing one for you as a thank you.*winks*

Ohhhh look what else I found... MORE. NEW. MILANI. I love it! Keep cranking it out Milani! Gotta try one of these too! I love their inspirational promo pics! It would be awesome to do makeup for their promos! Didn't get the price point for this item. I hope it doesn't exceed ehhh $6?? *crosses fingers*

Caramel Diva gave me these awardS! Yes with an 'S'! Thank you mama! I appreciate the love!

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The Beauty Chick
The Makeup Snob
Jae Boogie (silly me doesn't know her link until it pops up on google reader!)

I was gifted this award by some fab blogging ladies: Milan Rouge, The Informed Makeup Maven, and The Beauty Chick! You ladies are too sweet!

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Rural Glamour
Beauty Blvd
Getcha Nails Did
Makeup Bliss


Jamilla Camel said...

Happy Birthday! Oooooooh! RMK Love! Connie has great taste!

Connie De Alwis said...

You deserve all the love, Kia! I see you've already started with the powder foundation! I hope the shade's right. Did i mention that the thingy in the jar is the Liquid Foundation in #105? Lol. I know you've been wanting to try that!

Nanzy said...

Awww thanks so much! =D happy super duper belated birthday and enjoy your goodies, you sure do deserves all the love!!!! *hugs*

Connie De Alwis said...

Maybelline Vibrating Mascara! Can't believe I missed that!! *hugs* Thanks, Kia! You really didn't have to.

Brooke said...

omg!! I feel so honored that you nominated my little blog - really! Thank you so much, I just adore your blog too!

MakeupBliss said...

Hey Girlie! You found all sorts of good things didnt you?! I'm a big fan of Milani and I haven't even seen these in my area. That was really nice to get all of those goodies for your B-Day and Happy Belated! Thank You for nominating me for the Adorable Award..=o)

Avartsy said...

i like totally missed the birthday memo!

well, HAPPY BELATED B-DAY! hope it was mucho fun!!!

Jaimie said...

congrats on the awards!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Happy Belated!!! I have get to try Milani products!!! I can't find them in CT.... Everyone raves about them.

yummy411 said...

@ jamilla camel: yes she does! thanks for the bday wishes!

@ connie: thanks! the powder may be a touch off, but nothing i can't work out. i'm getting thru this gifts slowly but surely ;) thanks again!

@ brooke: ur welcome! thanks!

@ nanzy: thanks nanzy!!

@ makeup bliss, avartsy, kendall, and jaimie: thank you!!

Distinque said...

happy belated birthday!! she got you some great things. It was Rave pearlglider that I used on the bottom. I've never tried any Milani products....I hope it's under $6!

B said...

I saw those Milani thingies. How cute are they? I think they are around $7.99 though. Friggin' A....and I love International goodies!!