Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Makeup Show NYC 2009: Blogger Highlights Clumps of Mascara

(B is pictured here with the 'Luminesse Man'.. don't be jealous that his skin is more flawless than yours!)

Ms. B of Clumps and Mascara was my roomie during my stay in NYC for The Makeup Show. After our infamous Hotel Hunt of '09, it was on- blog talking, makeup show frenzy and a good ole night in, prepping for our next day of events.

Meanwhile, I got to take a look at her makeup goodies and what she thought were necessities for her NYC trip!

Awww cute Hello Kitty Bag!

Palettes! Smart cosmetics traveler!

Wow this little bag goes a long way! Great packing B!

Here are some of the items I-Spied:

Brit didn't feature this product, but Danyelle suggested LoveRush blush by MAC and I think she heard the call! (Research much? ;))


Danyelle said...

Throooooowback Kia!!!!LOL That was like my first time commenting, heck, that was my first time seeing a blog! Very good research

Danyelle said...

Oh and B, the case is to cute, I need one of those bags for traveling. My hardback case is just too much of a hassle.

yummy411 said...

@ danyelle: lol hahaa! really? your first blog ever?

yes, i've trusted my safety MAC soft sacs from the brush collections to carry my personal makeup arsenal. okay brushes can't fit, but it forces me to carry what makeup i NEED. i get a good bit in the small/medium sac i have.

B said...

Hey thereeee! It's me and my man! LOL! Thanks the features Yums-darling. I take that little HK bag on all of my travels. I love that thing!