Monday, May 11, 2009

The Pretty Committee April Meet Up

(Stolen pic from Chanel ;) Pictured: Chanel, Shawnta, Erin, Suzie and friend)

The Pretty Committee's April Meet Up went down in Baltimore at the Natural Hair Care Expo. (Thierry Baptiste was there!) I got lost in the commute and didn't make it out. I really wish I was in this picture and got to hang out with the girls! Don't they look gorg?!


Chanel said...

yaaay, I don't feel like the red headed step child anymore (, thanks Kia for posting the pic. Thank God you can't see how we were sweating bullets. It was sooooooo hot. Can't wait to meet you in person :-)

Amina said...

they look amaazing!!!!
I loove Suzie's top :)

Bombchell said...

those pics are lovely!!!

yummy411 said...

@ chanel: lol no prob. i'm glad you all could make it. i was sooo close! you guys look wonderful! hopefully we'll meet soon!

@ amina: right??

@ bombchell: yes the it is a great pic of them!