Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Makeup Show NYC 2009 : Crown Brushes

Crown Brush was a huge attraction at The Makeup Show NYC 2009.
Better than CandyLand right? Yes, that's James Vincent over there on the left.

Here's what I acquired. (The fastest grip of money I've ever spent!)

(left, MAC # 266; right, Crown Brush C206)
Out of all the brushes that were there, here's what caught my eye- a dupe of my
can't- live- without MAC #266 brush for my eyebrows. Crown Brush Studio Series C206.
There are great angle brushes and ones that perform just as well as the #266, but none have ever come so close as a dupe!
The Crown Brush is longer with a bit of width in the middle. I bought a few just because I was so excited.

Check out Crown Brush for a break down of the assortment of brushes. My faves: The Luna and Badger Brush Series and the Nail Art Brushes!


Sofee said...

Im drooling over all the brushes u got :D

Ms N said...

CB's brushes are totes awesome. I love the fan and powder brushes.

Dao said...

That fan brush looks divine! It's never been better than having good brushes.

Beauty Savvy said...

Hi Yummy411,

Just out of curiosity, how much cheaper were those brushes as opposed to getting them at retail stores or thru their websites?

Beauty Savvy

yummy411 said...

@ soffee: hehee

@ ms n: i do too. the bronzer and flat top brushes make me swoon!

@ dao: i know. i swear i only got the fan brush for the novelty factor hehe

@ beauty savvy: i don't really think there was a discount. i didn't even notice because all of the brushes were pretty cheap and it was so easy to stock up on them like penny candy! i'll double check, but i don't think so.