Tuesday, April 07, 2009

DC Twitter/Blogger Meetup

One half of the Jet Set Girls and Anu!
I finally found a way to crop the pic as I promised Anu!
(My comp lost its editing program ): )
While I was away from the blog with comp difficulties, that didn't keep me away from my blogger/makeup scene! I kept connected via Twitter. The MakeupGirl, Lianne put together a Tweetup for the bloggers in DC - Makeup and Mojitos!

We went to PF Chang's in Tyson's Corner, VA first for some grub and mojitos. Then we headed to the freestanding MAC store for some goodies! Sorry, I have no pictures of my 'haul', but I got some old faves like Style blush (thanks to Rocketqueen), Goldmine eye shadow and #42 lashes *two snaps!* LOL

Check out some of the pictures and bloggers!! I am remissed because I don't have our Fly Girls name pictured on the left, myself and Jennifer.

A shot of the gang.

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Askmewhats said...

looks FUN!!! Everyone looks fab!!!

B said...

Awwww, yall look so pretty. Funny times!

LipstickOne said...

i agree...everyone looks so pretty!!ya'll gotta come to nyc!

Hairs to Beauty said...

i was stuck in washington dc for 8 hours and now just realized i could have hit u up! my plane got the airport late and the next flight out wsn't 8 hours later.
everyone looks like they had fun meeting up!

Robyn said...

Tiffany's Book Blog is http://booksfubu.wordpress.com
It is great. I have been blogging with her since January and she really pics some good books. Glad you guys had fun.

Vanessa M. said...

luky! looks fun :)

Coffee0410 said...

Gorgeous Ladies!!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Very pretty pictures! I'd love to have a meetup with fellow bloggers here in NY.

Bombchell said...

love the pics. looks like yall had so much fun.

Amina said...

i loove the pictures! You ladies look amazing!

antithesis said...

looks like you all had a good time. i'd definitely come to the next one.

Coco said...

Looks like fun.

Apple Diva said...

You all look gorgeous!! Looks like a fun time was had!

Product Junkie Diva said...

You all look great!

yummy411 said...

thanks yall!

@ hairs to beauty: aww you sure could've! next time, next time

@ robyn: thanks! i did my research shortly after i publish the post =p lol

@ brown girl gumbo: i would too! where will you be may 17th? i'll be in NY then!

@ antithesis: are you on twitter? maybe the makeup girl can tell us when she plans the next one.

again thank you all for your lovely comments!!