Friday, March 27, 2009

Peaking Peppermint Patty

MAC SugarSweet Post 2!
I bought Peppermint Patty as it's a unique green cream! Love!
I group this with the pastels, but it's not as light or bright as a pastel may be.  Just a perfect mint green.  (I love pastel polish!)
As much as I love this polish, I didn't want to committ this time to a
mono- colored nail. (It is my mono-colored pedi though!) 
I wanted to step out this time around.
Do you see Peppermint Patty peaking out from behind the designs?
I've seen much better nail artwork before, but this suffices as I love the colors used.  I was also thinking of Ms. Nikki the entire time.
Nikki have you used a mint green polish in your designs before?

In this design along with Peppermint Patty, there is a turquoise blue
color used and a flash of strong metallic lilac.
Those colors belong to a brand named Famous.  I kept asking around
about the polish brand, but I could find nothing!
Nikkia is supposed to give us a review on of these days, but uhhh.... Nikkia?
Anyway, besides the cute square bottle with an eye catching silver label, the
names of the polishes are very tongue-in-cheek and can
make you gush as much as a Nars blush!
Turquoise blue- Jill went up a hill, Jack went in her (I'm not lying folks!!)
Metallic lilac- Premature orgasm
Why? For shock value? Go figure.  The flashing turquoise makes me smile during the day ;)
Do you have Peppermint Patty?
*Next and last SugarSweet post: MSF's Refined and Perfect Topping


Brooke said...

Loving the nails!! Very abstract and cool looking!!

I don't have P.P. but I would love to get it.

Robyn said...

I love the nails and the polish too. Where do you get your nails done?

slvrlips said...

Review Coming right up!!! Should be posted tonight and PP is such a gorgeous color I just had to buy it.

Sass said...

i love peppermint patti, its my mani right now. its so bold and pretty

Join the Gossip said...

Great look. You're so talented =)

Tysh said...

Your nails look scrumptious

Vanessa M. said...

pretty <3

yummy411 said...

@ brooke: thanks! yes get P.P.!

@ robyn: thanks! at TIP nails on marlboro pike

@ slvrlips: thanks!

@ sassL isn't it? great mani choice ;)

@ join the gossip: i cannot take the credit girl! it was all the nail tech! hey.. nice new avatar pic with brunette hair! nice!

@ tysh and vanessa m: thanks ladies!!