Monday, March 23, 2009

New Hair Accessories!

Locking your hair is a permanent style for most, but options for hair-do's and being creative with your hair isn't!
While I'm not quite ready yet for more color and styles (I HATE THE DRYER!) I like accessories!
I've dabbled a lot with scarves and headbands and have even contemplated these.
My last trip to the mall I ran across these babies.  Finally, the mass chains caught on to the feather trend! 
I've been wanting to order from an Etsy shop, but my hesitation over internet shopping left me without the desired accessories (I love Sewsephine's shop because she's one of the few that makes stretchy feather headbands! Great for locs).
Full pheasant feathers
You can pin (to your clothes) or clip!
Peacock feathers
Bobby pin clip
Icings stores, $6-8 each


--Mrs.Christina said...

Those are gorgeous! I especially like the peacock feathers. Etsy is actually a really safe place to shop! Most of the sellers are really determined to please the customer, so as long as they have a pretty good feedback score you should be okay!

B said...

How cute are these! I love them as earrings too. Yeah Yums....even I purchase from Etsy and you know I'm weary about online shopping. Etsy is super safe.

Danyelle said...

I love these feather hair accesories! I saw some that were really cute here too:

Arlina said...

That reminds me of "Sex In The City" when Carrie was getting married. Remember?!

I can't think of when I'll be wearing feathers in my hair though. The ladies at the PTA might look at me funny. ;)

ps. Come check out my airbrush makeup site!

Jesiah said...

I love the feather head pieces! I found some really nice ones that this lady makes on FABB beauty network. Go check them out!

Shana said...

those are really pretty. I am so addicted to feathers right now and other quirky accessories. Cant wait to see you combine these with some FOTD's!

kate said...

Really pretty! I've found some gorgeous feather headbands at This site is full of the prettiest headbands I've seen anywhere!

Anonymous said...

(With eyes wide open like a 5 yr old child lookin' at Christmas trees!! LOL!!) Oooh pretty!! I nominated you for an award!! Go to my blog and check, check, check it out!!

Tammy said...

I love these!

Brooke said...

I really like these! WOuld have loved to see them in your hair to get a better idea. I am a lover of all things feathered and/ or glittered

yummy411 said...

@ mrs. christina: thanks! i've actually ordered earrings from there a few times. i dunno.. i'm just weird like that!

@ B: thanks! lol

@ danyelle: thanks girl! great site!

@ arlina: i'll be sure to make these look hot WITHOUT looking like i have a nest on my head!

@ jesiah: ohh nice! thanks for telling me about the site!

@ shana: more than likely for the meetup? ;)

@ kate: thanks for sharing!!

@ beautiful brown skin: ooh thanks!!

@ tammy: thanks!

@ brooke: no worries, coming up soon!