Friday, March 20, 2009

My Chill Collection (Dupe) and Maybelline Lash Stiletto

I slept on MAC's Chill Collection because after previewing it online, I thought it was a snore.  The eye shadows were grays, darker grays.. nothing exciting.  However, I thought twice about the collection when I caught wind of the lipglasses, which were fab in my opinion.  Great glosses with different hints of sheen and frost.  Definitely my kind of collection!  While I got one or two lipglasses, I didn't get the so called 'boring' shadows... Grays are part of the neutral family.  What was I thinking?  I love neutrals!
I turned to NYX  for some help to dupe (duplicate) my own Chill collection of sorts.


(Please forgive me as Blogger is being wonky with the pictures.)
1st pic- left to right: Charcoal, Grey and Opal, Pots and Pans shadow stick
2nd pic- top to bottom: Opal, Grey, Pots and Pans shadow stick, Charcoal

....and my FOTD!

I love love love silver, gray, bronze, brown smokey type looks. I'm still trying to perfect my look.
If any of you notice, this is a combo that is used often for celebrities.  Kim K. has inspired many with her recent look.  (I wish I had access to these tutorials when I did this look!)
On my eyes I used:
Pots and pans shadow stick (these definitely need a good base like UDPP)
Gray on the lid
MAC Soft Brown eye shadow in the crease
Charcoal and carbon in the outer v
Opal as the highlight and at the tear duct
Auto de Bleu liner on waterline
Maybelline waterproof liquid eyeliner to line lid
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara
should have been wearing Soft Wave lipglass
(from MAC's Chill Collection LE) on lips.. don't remember what was actually used!

Lash Stiletto Mascara
This mascara is all about length and that's what I got.  A sexy length that I can't complain about!
-Brush gave full, lush definition to lashes.. not spikey, spider lashes.  The brush is the stand out feature.
-Gave reasonable length
-The color was a decent black
-Light weight formula
-Can clump a bit after two to three coats
-Don't expect volume

Are my lashes the sexy stand out Stilettos on my face? Maybe not.  I coat and comb until I have my desired look which may be too much for some.

B, I need help taking lash pictures LOL!


B said...

LMAO!!! I love are a mess. I'm like, what is she doing with her hand? But I figured it out. Girl, that was a good laugh. Takin' photos of the lashes are un poco dificil so we'll wrap on that later.

I love your look!! So Charcoal that brown color? I just love the color placement in that from the lash line to the brow it goes from dark to light. I'm learnin', I'm learnin'....

Ay, lemme get that hat from you. I'll give it back. HA!

Tysh said...

Those colors are really nice, now I have to go take a looksy in the store, LOL

Amina said...

beautiful color!
i am also loving lash stiletto. it gives great length

...ALLmEYEne... said...

I love wearing silvers, but I can't make them work appropriate. My struggle with wearing anything other than browns and golds. But this looks is great. I need to figure out how to work with my NYX Jumbo pencils. They crease on me all the time.

MakeupByRenRen said...

you know i noticed a lot of celebrities wearing this too...especially the girls on the show for the love of ray j, lol

Jamilla Camel said...

Love the look!!

I totally agree with you about Lash Stiletto!! Great length but not on volume--I love this!

KiLLaCaM said...

you are freakin stunning! your eyes are amazing and this is such a great look on you.

Robyn said...

I love this look to. I have done something similar but not with the Charcol. I will have to try that.

I saw the Lash Stilleto commmercial and I thought about getting it. Its just that I am soooo addicted to my lashes I don't know if I will like it. Guess I will never know until I try.

iLL dWeeb said...

Lash Stiletto is one of my favorite mascaras. I am a mascara junkie though. So I have a bunch.

Connie said...

thanks for your input on the Lash Stiletto! Mine will be coming soon! :D They don't have it locally :(

Anonymous said...

i love finger swatches!!! those silver gray are my things. beaiful on you with pick! :)

Vanessa said...

Awesome dupes! You look gorgeous! And I love your eyes! Anyway mama, here is the answer to your show questions, enjoy!

I get physically tired sometimes at these events, especially when you are there all day just walking around in circles, but it's always fun stopping at all the booths and seeing familiar faces, but yeah after awhile everything does start to look the same in the sense that it's usually always the same companies that attend these kind of shows, and hardly new and upcoming companies have the financial sources or know to exhibit at these shows so we don't hear from them until later on...

I have seen a lot, but I don't feel like I have fully grasped all the products and knowledge that some of these shows/companies have to offer. I think the biggest mistake a show-goer can do is to just go to buy stuff, to me the funnest part is walking around and talking to these people and picking their brains a little bit to see where their creativity comes as a makeup artist, or as a business owner in this industry.

I think you should definitely check out Eve Pearl, the theatrical makeup such as Kryolan, Mehron, etc because they have awesome pigmented makeup, and so does Make Up For Ever. Auraline Beauty is great for makeup palettes, and Crown Brushes has the best affordable, quality makeup brushes on the market right now.

As far as tips for the makeup show, I bring my own big bag I got from another show, and I use it to store all my bought goodies, some shows have their own bags to giveaway, but I bring one just in case so I am not carrying all these bags; wear comfy shoes since you'll be walking around endlessly, prepare to spend a lot since these shows have "show prices" and you can buy things at a good deal, and definitely bring a notepad and paper (and a camera!) to jot down any helpful tips, company names and contacts for future reference so you can always check them out later when you get home.

Certain shows, a one day pass is enough, such as IMATS since it's such a small show, and you can pretty much cover everything in one day; other shows such as IECSC in Vegas is a HUGE show, that you definitely would want to go all 2 or 3 days because they have makeup, spa, hair, and nails at that show, so one day is NOT enough to cover all that goodness!

Our blogger forum panel discussion was about 45 minutes give or didn't feel that long..

Join the Gossip said...

/looks great on you!


wow thats beautiful. i just love when you can dupe mac collections. saves some $$$ in these hard times.

Shen said...

once nyx starts selling here in my country, I don't think i'd buy so much from MAC. lol! love this look on you. soo intense!! :)

yummy411 said...

@ B: LOL B the Charcoal color is the darkest gray color that I used in my outer v. The brown color that you may see above my crease is soft brown e/s.

listen to you talking placement and stuff ;)

aww you like my hat, thanks!

@ tysh: yeh check them out. its so hard for me to order off line. i have to SEE in person!

@ amina: thanks! yeh i love that lash stiletto is pretty lightweight.

@ allmeyene: work appropriate? i've altered most of my looks to keeping the color on my lid close to the lash line and crease colors, etc below the crease. in these pics the nyx crayon creased,
but i just figured using some udpp would do the trick. have you tried that?

@ makeupbyrenren: yes, think this is the default look for celebs.. this or a day time smokey eye to keep them as natural as possible.

@ jamila camel: yeh, good thing lash stiletto makes no claims about volume, but i'm a volume girl so i would prefer.

@ killacam: thanks chica!!

@ robyn: thanks! only get it if you are looking for definition and not volume! lol

@ ill dweeb: really? great! glad you like it!

@ connie: aww don't you hate that? all the ads and stuff surrounding you but it's not available to you! grrr it's a great pair to another volumizing mascara.

@ jojoba: thank you! the finger swatches was the only way it was showing up appropriately (without too much work lol)=T

@ vanessa: thank you sooo much! i needed this advice badly. i wanna be sure i'm making good decisions when i go to NY in may!

@ join the gossip: thanks leeanne!!

@ jensmakeupbag: thank you! yes it does help!!

@ shen: aww you don't have it there?? suxxx!

Karen said...

Hi Kia!

You look so pretty here. I love your eyes... the blue really pops on you! Super gorgeous. :)