Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yummy411: Teen Yummy411: OPI Monsooner or Later

It's me Kia. I'm writing about the kid sis, Teen Yummy411 today. I don't know which this chick loves to do more: change her myspace layout and pictures (every 30 mins.. do some homework!) or change her polish!

I had to feature this because out of all her polish changes, she's come back to this most often. OPI's Monsooner or Later (from the Moscow India collection*where was my mind? thanks Mandy!* ) is sooo pretty to me on her, in pics, etc... but for me, it's borderline red and I'm afraid of red polish. Unless of course, it's Ruby Pumps by China Glaze. Wizard of Oz, I'm coming! LOL So cute on her little nails. A burst of fun color, no shimmer required!

Get this and other polishes from current and past collections of OPI from 8ty8beauty.com.


B said...

Lovely color! This almoooot looks like OPI's Cajun Shrimp with a little more red. Loves it!

Jamila said...

Love this! I need more red cremes in my life!

yummy411 said...

B and J, glad yall like it. Rocketqueen sold me on this color. I'll have the courage to wear it one of these days. I'm sure on my toes first!

Anonymous said...

Moscow? I thought Monsooner or Later was from the India collection; whatevs, it still looks hot as hell. Bright red has to be on of my favorite nail colors!