Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yummy411: Fall Wishes!

Ok, it's not quite September 21st, but Fall is officially here when I see loads of candy stock piled in aisles, candy apples overflowing in the produce section and decorated pumpkins everywhere... oh and Pumpkin Pie milkshakes at Mickey D's hehe.

I was tagged by one of my fav bloggers Jen* to do a list of things we are looking forward to for Fall. I loved her list as there are a few things that I agree on!

So here's my list:

1. Manish Arora

(pic source)
MAC, palettes, (Indian designed) packaging? Need I say more? Get more info about the collection here. Release date 10/09.

2. nail polishes

(pic source)
Collections from Opi for Sephora, OPI France collection, the latest collections from Rescue Beauty Lounge, China Glaze, Misa.. the list goes on (esp. when I'm over at Rocketqueen's page)!

3. Textures in foundations and creating them!

I love experimenting with the perfect canvas or trying to create one. During Summer, you try to create the flawless face with as little makeup as possible. During Fall and Winter, you can put on a few layers of product and be OK. Makeup Forever HD Foundation is #1 on my list of foundations to try... the rest: MAC Full Coverage, Dior, Giorgio Armani Face Fabric, CoverFx, Mally Roncal and Jay Manuel's makeup...and a bunch of professional artist makeup. Don't forget gorgeously milled setting powder, etc.. ahhhhh!

4. Fragrances

One lust that I've never captured is my Donna Karan Gold perfume.... bring on the sensual, warm and inviting notes for the colder temps! Aha! It's now available at the CCO! ;) I want to try other fragrances like Ralph Lauren Notorious, D&G The One, etc.

5. Fall wardrobe! Boots (peep toe), coats, hats, scarves, gloves
also.... a ski trip and Holiday catalogues!! Yippeee!

Now, I'm supposed to tag others, but this is such a great topic that I'm tagging everyone who reads this. I'm not using that as a cop out either. I'm dead serious.. you all know I'm a serial blog hopper and commenter. Leave the link to your post with your list in my comments so I can come check it out and let Jen* know about it! Thanks!


Jessica Dee said...

That's a great wishlist. I think you're making me itch to go make up shopping!

AnnaBanna said...

i like your list! i'm wanting to try mufe foundations too & their flash palette but they're always sold out :/ i tagged mah self from yours lol :)

PBW said...

Arrggg!!! Now you've got me on MAC Manish Arora watch! I want that orange blush!

Ms. B said...

Love your List and Blog decide to Tag myself also...Definitely looking out for a great pair of Purple Suede peep toe booties...idk why but love that color just think it would be cool and of course fierce

Dao said...

Oh man, Manish right after Ungaro? I can feel my wallet crying already! Great list Kia, I'm going to make one myself so you patrol cop can check it out hehe

(totally kidding on the "patrol cop" thing :D)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

That MAC set has my name ALL OVER IT!!! How fab is that???

MakeupByRenRen said...

definitely trying to get me at least one item from manish arora...the packaging is too cute to pass up! and i can't wait to wear a lot of dark smokey eyes for the fall, not that i dont do that year round;)

SuzieC said...

Your list and my list are very similar with the exception of the fragrance which may end p on my list once I catch a whiff of it. Not quite sure how I feel about the peep toe boots yet.

Dao said...

Hi Kia,

I nominate you for the "I heart your blog" award. Please click here to see the detail and accept the nomination.

You have an awesome blog!

P.S: Sorry for the 2nd comment of the day, I just want to nominate you again :)

Seymone said...

I see were looking forward to some of the same

Coffee said...

Giiiiirrrrl, I will up ALL night trying to order that Manish Aura Pallette. Me Wants. BAD. Although its mainly, if not all, repromotes. I don't have any of the colors; so why not get them all at once. If I don't get it...I may cry. LOL....but, kind of serious. Darn shame!

B said...

That packaging for Manish is ridic! I may have to push Queen Itsadupe in the closet for this one! And giiiirl, don't even get me started on those OPI polishes.

yummy411 said...

@ jess dee: ahha! be sure to share!

@ annabanna: over to check yours out!

@ pbw: yessss! i can't wait!

@ ms. b: i need a link lady! ;)

@ dao: woop woop... i got my badge! on my way over!

@ BGG: yours and mine!! LOL! thought i'm disappointed with the color selection of the palette........ fits the theme i guess.

@ makeupbyrenre: exactly! hahaha! i know.. do we specialize in a daytime smokey? do you have a list?

@ suziec: oh cool! i knew i liked the peep toe boots, i bought a pair of peep toe spectators and tried on a gray suede pair, but it was all confirmed when i saw mischo beauty in hers!

@ dao: aww thanks! second comment? i love comments!!

@ seymone:cool!

@ coffee: i know... i'm going to have blood shot red eyes trying to hawk the site to purchase! i missed the other collection exclusives like this. =(

@ b: LOOLLOL!!! girl you are something else! ;)

Amina said...

we have a similar wishlist..
- manish arora
-using my shea butter
-sweater coats
-more blushes...
-fantasing at getting all the christmas giftsets

Mets GirLL said...

Ooh..I forgot about Christmas shopping amina..That's a good one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Yes...definitely on the nail polish kick...Definitely Opi france collection the colors look like a great choice for fall!