Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yummy411: Team Work

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Do you remember I mentioned that I did an all male photoshoot? Yeh, well here is a photo from that shoot! This is how I spent one Saturday morning.

I used the MAC Matte on them in the T zone areas, one or two I used a touch of foundation ever so lightly and concealer and all were powdered. Baby oil on bodies. Yes, that's the makeup girl's job. I did have to tell them that I stop at the ankles! LOL!

For more on this shoot and other projects done by my team, check out our new blog: The Close Up. Bookmark it!


Sass said...

ooooohhh lucky you!! and i feel you on stopping at the ankles lmao

Sass said...

and do i spy a pretty new little layout?? looks good!

Amina said...

Great photos!! am i the only one drooling at their bodies?lol

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

very (VERY) nice =) u r sooo lucky lol

slvrlips said...

Kia, I'm loving the new layout very hot you now have your three columns. oo and these men are scorching hot!!! The job of the makeup artist can be so fun.

Anonymous said...

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Shana said...

*speaking really slowly*!!! LOL Girl talk about a dream shoot - whew lawd! And loving the new layout!!!

Anonymous said...

sooooo basically Niya got paid to do nothing because they don't have on any clothes. :) Looks like fun times. Real fun. ;-)

MakeupByRenRen said...

holy crap! those are some hotties! okay...note to self...put baby oil in kit asap, he he...good job girl, the picture came out awesome!

krissy said...

hi there
just stumbled upon your site
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Grayburn said...

Sounds like a yummy experience!

x Grayburn

Product Junkie Diva said...

How wonderful congrats.
Product Junkie Diva

Apple Diva said...

uhm do you need an assistant? LOL

Mikaela said...

I bet that was fun! Haha
Thanks for the compliment, I’ve always been too nervous & self-concenious to post photos before…
I know what you mean about 'meeting' us - I feel like i would reconize you anywhere!

And definitely go see Katt if you ever get the chance.

Anonymous said...

Goddamn, you are one lucky woman! Please tell me you need an assistant, or something.

(g)ezebel said...

*wipes drool off chin*

uh, did you say sumthin??

yummy411 said...

@ sass: i know right! thanks missy.. you do! thanks to chic and sassy!

@ amina: lol! no i don't think so lol! when i met them it was okay, they were people with regular clothes on, but on the shoot i was like 'ummmm where did the six pack come from???'

@ toml: thanks! lol.. ahh all in a days work ;)

@ slvrlips: thanks nikkia! yes, very sexy and glamorous hahaha!

@ yuki: thnaks

@ shana: hahahaa! thank you!

@ juvenescent: fun times indeed! i kept it professional though. i guess so much though, they thought i was timid. "don't be afraid, put it on!".. excuse me? I'm being professional here LOL!

@ makeupbyrenren: thanks!

@ krissy: yes! thanks!

@ grayburn: yes very hee!

@ PJD: thanks girl!

@ apple diva: no ma'am! LOL j/k ;)

@ michaela: thanks! i do understand! it was such a natural thing on specktra to post photos when i thought about it after starting the blog.. like uh oh..hmmm

@ mandypandy: of course... i'll call you and apple diva for the next time these shoots come up "mandy! apple diva! pass ME the baby oil!" LOL

@ (g): hahahaaa LOL!

nilla cookie said...

Yummy, a male photo shoot! You've got talent girl.. I would have spent the day wiping up my drool instead :D

yummy411 said...

hey nilla! lol thanks!

Connie said...

ooh LA LA!!! The baby oil on body part sounds heavenly..... *drifts on cloud 9*
Excellent work, Kia. I've seen the pictures in the other blog and they look great too.