Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yummy411: L'Oreal Skin Genesis Serum Concentrate

I've been interested in finding a serum for a while, since I'm closer to 30 and need to take these wrinkle and aging prevention measures more seriously. The few I've tried have been sticky, gooey and just not something I felt like figuring out.

L'Oreal's new serum on the market (offered on the shelves with the Oil Free moisturizer and other products of the Skin Genesis line) is actually intriguing!

Why? The serum is not gooey and tacky, it can be used morning and night, it absorbs well into the skin and your hands arenb't messy after application! Serums don't usually have SPF in them, so that's not a concern. I would like to use this instead of my moisturizer, but at the expense of no SPF, I'll keep this handy as a night time treatment. It's recommended to be used before your moisturizer. Oh yeh, by the way, (LOL) my skin does feel a bit more firm, more together, like the elasticity is strengthening after about a week and a half of use. LOVE. L'Oreal Skin Genesis Serum Concentrate recommended!


Tine said...

I'd love to try this out, but it's rather expensive for a drugstore brand though. Hmm ... decisions, decisions.

Delphine said...

you entered to win on SteepingBeauty and WON!

email me with your address to get your prize lady!!

The Home Spa Goddess said...

This line is expensive, but I guess it's worth it!

Anonymous said...

Girl, get the hell out! You look nowhere near 30 -barely 23; you do NOT need $20+ L'oreal skin serum! That serum needs YOU!

I, on the other hand, am wrinkling up like a damn raisin, so if you find something out there that makes you look EVEN younger, you let the Panda know, stat!

Anonymous said...

And don't lie and say cocoa butter, lol!

SuzieC said...

I'm all about fighting the signs of aging. I may give this a look.

MakeupWithLakahna said...

i bought this product like few months ago, I dont use it everyday (sometimes i forget) but i use it before i apply foundation. i like the feeling of it, not sticky at all, and my skin just feels hydrated from it

yummy411 said...

@ tine: loreal in the drugstore or target always has sales! try it out!

@ delphine: thanks lady!! ;)

@ the home spa goddess: i think it's worth it (my wallet weeps)

@ mandypandy: LOLLOLL!! i love you! i will definitely let you know. BUT... for someone who's not as savvy with skincare this is one product that has really impressed me.... and i won't say cocoa butter LOL!

@ suziec: try it! i recommended it!

@ makeupwithlakahna: yay! another lover of the serum!

Anonymous said...

im starting to get into skin serums. i have a few free samples from the drugstore and me likey esp. vichy and garnier! but they are expensive (imo) at the drugstore. <3 the post.