Monday, April 07, 2008

Yummy411: Nails and Eyelashes

On Friday, to make last preparations for a shoot, I stopped by Sally's Beauty mainly for some lashes, but I was drawn into a collection of China Glaze lacquers- the WOW collection. This is one of the few places locally that I can actually see polishes by collection.

These are nice, ready for summer colors, though not a conservative work appropriate selection. I've defied the silent rules before of my workplace. I'm not sure how courageous I am, but if I ever feel like branching out wildly beyond my toes, I bought four of the six colors available: Pink Voltage, In the Lime Light, Turned Up Turquoise and Purple Panic. I'm really excited about these colors! They are supposed to be neon colors, but I disagree. Rather they are bold, fun, electric colors! These are also included in the Ink collection. Have any of you tried these before? Do you have a favorites?

For lashes, I tried the Ardell Invisiband Lashes in Luckies (pictured to the left). They are glam without being drag. I liked them a lot and will have to buy them for myself.

Other than that, I picked up a few containers of fun, Sally Girl glitter.
Can't wait to do some looks with these goodies. Have you been to Sally's lately? What did you get? Anything to look out for?


ilurvemakeup said...

I read gold digger on the Sally site and started singing the Kanye West song lol xD

Divine Blackness said...

I'm so obsessed with nail polishes now that I HAVE to purchase them allll the time. I think I've scooped up like 5 in the past week. That's ridc. And they are soooo not for the work place so I try to get away with it by wearing it on my toes and on the weekends. Love love love it! Hmmm, think I'm going to try those Ardells and Baby Yum is a doooooll!!

yummy411 said...

@ lurve: hahaha!

@ brit: yes yes, try them! thank you!!!

Virtuous Blue said...

Ok, between you and Brit, I have officially been peer pressured into doing some polish shopping. I've been keeping my nails bare for work, but bump it...i'm just gonna go ahead and rage against the machine lol


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I love nail polishes for my toes!! It really makes me love the spring and summer months because i get to show them off!!

Side note: I have NO idea why I'm not showing up on your Google Reader!! I don't even know how or where to begin to fix the problem. I am so sad about it though because I always love your comments. I'm so happy when I see your comments! :-)

Mischo Beauty said...

This is too funny because on my way to NYC this past weekend I was just telling my friend how I saw Angela Simmons with turquoise nail polish on and we were just discussing how HOT it was! She said Sephora has a nice turquoise, but I'll definitely check out the selection from China Glaze... Thanks!

Afrodite said...

I went to Sally's and got an afro pick. No makeup though. But what about the fake lashes?!?

I just picked up 3 pairs of fake lashes from my corner beauty store and I love them! I wore them to this lounge last Friday and they didn't look too draggish.

yummy411 said...

@ virtuous blue: LOL! yes! polish those suckers! LOL!

@ BGG: i understand! i do too!
yes, i have no idea what's up with google. makes me sad! i'll try to keep up without outside of it though. you are one of my fave blog reads!

@ mischo beauty: ooh angela had on turquoise? wait until i tell my little sister LOL... or maybe not. she'll try to snag my polish! i love the funky colors. rihanna has been more of an inspiration to me and to kick the colors into high gear! i still love my bold pastels too! yumm mint green!

@ afrodite: did you take pics?! i would love to see you in lashes! sounds like they made it a fun night out hahaha! so which ones did you get? i might have to check them out.