Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yummy411: Neo Sci Fi Preliminary Review

(Photos: Thisislavie)

The Neo Sci Fi collection and accompanying collections debuted today... early! Much anticipation for these babies dressed in orange!

-Naked Space: creamy mid tone nude peach.
Right up the alley of Bonus Beat and 1N lipglass. Those are some of my faves so it will be hauled! Gosh I hate buying lipglasses that are so similar!
-Pink Grapefruit: orange with gold pearl (repromote)
Hotness! Will haul! Great summery tropical punch shade... If you couldn't get with some of the Fafi lipstick shades like Strawbaby etc. this is a great alternative!
-Soft and Slow: mid tone creamy plum
Repromote that I wasn't as interested in... soft plum, nice.
-Supreme: bronze brown with white pearl
Oh Baby without the glitter. I'm a big Oh Baby fan so this will be hauled as well... such a metallic bronze in the tube. Hard not to like it.

-Sunsonic: white gold
Gel lipstick dupe, or whiter- eeps!
-Electro: bright orange
It's a lustre so it's a great color and wearable. Great compliment to pink grapefruit.
- Astral: mid tone brown with red pearl
Deep browns don't quite compliment me, so this was off my radar. I also favor a nude lip. I'm sure it would look great with Supreme lipglass.
-Sci-fi-delity: burnt red with gold pearl
This color was in the same class as Astral for me. I'll update tomorrow with a better opinion.
-Pleasureseeker: creamy peach glaze
I would say this was the little sister to Heatherette's Lollipop Lovin'; lighter and not as pigmented. Nice shade to go with it's accompanying lipglass.

-Magnetic fields: black brown with silver pearl
It is exactly what it sounds and looks like. Need another somewhat black shadow? (I don't.) Then this is it in pretty orange clothes!
-Femme Fi: frosty golden cream
Another one....
-Evening Aura: frosty golden peach, veluxe pearl
Yes, a light pastel peach. Nice color to use with Expensive Pink
-Expensive Pink: pink with gold duochrome
One of my faves of the permanent line. A summery pink in that it plays up the golds and bronzes. A must have for MAC collectors and a great staple.
-Time and Space: Frosty copper
Copper? Not so much to me. It's in the family of a Woodwinked but interestingly enough, not as frosty. On me, it swatched almost like a bronze stain of sorts. Nice, not necessary.

Bronzer and Blush:
-Refined Golden: golden with soft pearl finish; repromote
It's all about the casing!
-Solar Riche: mid tone deep orange brown
Eek! Most oranges I shy away from, esp orange brown bronzer. Orange supposedly works on darker skintones... check it out!
-Spaced Out Blush: shimmery peach.
The blush version of evening aura. A nice light blush for paler skintones, an interesting highlight blush for medium skintones. I wouldn't recommend this for darker skintones, unless you can work this as a highlight also.
-X Rockes Blush: shimmery dirty mauve
Nice. Fits in the bronze landscape but bringing a berry mauve tone. A calmed down (no glitters) version of fab without as much red? A stretch, but just trying to evoke some images LOL. These blushes seem to have the a more refined velvety texture than those of last year's Summer collection.

*Nail Polishes- Trust all are hot! The goldish one, Metalist coming in last.
*Solar Bits from the other collection- meh. Grainy and inconsistant pigment and glitter. What if used wet....?

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Did you check out the line? Haul? Ooh.. Tell me!


nywele said...

thank you for your review. I used to own pink grapefruit but i never wore that much and also i just find mac lipglosses to be too sticky unless it is i'll pass on the lipglasses as well as the eyeshadows. I have too many browns and i once ordered expensive pink and returned it..

now i was looking forward to the bronzers and blushes however after reading your reviews and seeing swatches i am hesitant
do you think solar riche is flattering or just blah?

i have Fab so if x-rocks is lighter than you recommend it? thanks

*j said...

Thanks for the throw, friend. Now I can't wait to get my hands on these today and swatch them and see 'em in person etc...

Divine Blackness said...

I really want to check this collection out, chile but I am on a serious budget. I'm not even walking into MAC until June. So if I miss out *sigh*, I miss out. Uggghhh, I so want that yellow polish though!

slvrlips said...

Hey Kia,
While at the makeup show. I got to purchase this collection and I'm sad to say I only brought stuff because of the bright orange casing. The colors are very neutral. I got evening aura e/s, pink grapefruit l/g and pleasureseeker l/s. I'll do a fotd soon.
Thanks for the in depth review :)

PBW said...

I've been looking forward to this collection. I ordered lipstick in Sci-Fi-Delity, lipglass in Soft & Slow and blush in X-rocks. I hope they're all as pretty as they look online.

yummy411 said...

@ nywele: girl you are hard to please.. i understand the stickiness with the lipglasses. you returned expensive pink?

i was hoping to get back to the counter today so that i could answer your questions, but i honestly didn't give it that much attention. i'll hit you up in your cbox if i find out anything.

i think if you have Fab you don't need x-rocks. they aren't the same, but they are in the same family.

@ *j: please tell me what you thought when you check them out!

@ divine blacknes: i have a good feeling that there will be stuff available for you unless you want a lipglass....

@ slvrlips: can't wait to see your fotd! i'm glad you got pink grapefruit. i so need that in my life!

@ pbw: thanks for stopping by! i think you'll be very happy with your purchases!

nywele said...

hey Yummy411:
after reviewing the reviews and swatches, i think i'll get something...shame on me, i was bashing the pink grapefruit but i am ordering one. I am pmsing by the way so i think i was a bit cranky when i wrote my previous comment...sorry

i looked back at my account and it was in living pink that i returned so i will add expensive pink to my cart
and i am also getting solar riche and x yeah 4 products...not bad for someone who was earlier criticizing the collection :) thanks for the review again!! muah

yummy411 said...

nywele... i'm glad you are liking this collection a bit more.

now let me tell you i have a hard time telling expensive pink (more pink gold), paradisco (more orangey pink gold) and in living pink (?) apart.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yes I got my order in so I just cant wait for my sci fi....yea
So many people were waiting for this line to come out and now it is finally here.
Product Junkie Diva

yummy411 said...

hey pjd!i think you and others have persuaded me to check out sci fi delity... i usually don't go for plum shades/purple on the lips.

Afrodite said...

The orange is really growing on me.

yummy411 said...

afrodite i LOVE the orange.. lipstick and face powder cases!

Shana said...

Hey everyone! Baby girl made her entrance into the world early as I expected and on my 1st day out, to see SATC of course, I had to stop in MAC to pick up a few things, a lot more than a few but you know how that goes...anywho I picked up Electro and Solar Riche from this collection, oh and I was also very intrigued by the prep and prime lip conditioner stick thingie LOL I LOVE the Electro lipstick, its kinda sheer and very moisturizing. I kept thinking it looks like I just had an orange popsicle but in a cute way. As for the Solar Riche powder, the jury is out on this one. Its not really showing up on my skin, but I'm gonna try again before I get defeated. The prep and prime lip conditioner is ok, I think a soft toothbrush and some lip balm or vaseline does the same thing.

yummy411 said...