Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yummy411: Pink and Purple!

Lurve's purple and pink challenge is ending tomorrow and I couldn't decide how I wanted to work the colors. Surprisingly enough, I haven't worn pink and purple since... hmm? Since this day. So here's another stab. Hope you like it Lurve!

The sexy eye LOL! (I was actually deciding between this look and another.)

Here's how we get the look :

High lighter Moon Glow applied to brow bone.

From lid to crease apply MAC's Plum Dressing.

Layer it with a matte, light, blue based pink like MAC's Girlie.

Line the eye with a deep purple- Loreal HiP's Eggplant cream liner.

Go over the line and smudge with a deep purple like the liner (MAC's Violet Trance)

Blend the edges of the pink color above the crease.
Use Milani's Color Brilliance eye liner in Purple on bottom lid and waterline
Go over the purple liner on waterline with a black liner (MAC's Smoulder) *It turns a bluish purple!
Add a few coats of mascara.. Ta da! Done!

(I'm also wearing MAC's Viva Glam 5 lipstick and Sincere blush in these photos.)

The look is a bit less intense in daylight. It's a day time smokey that can easily sizzle at night. Besides it's quick and easy to do!
Lurve whatever you decide to wear, I know you'll look gorgeous! Have fun!
If anyone else decides to try this look, let me know!


MIUMIU said...
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Divine Blackness said...

I'm really wonderin' if your brows can do any wrong. Apparently not. HA! Okayyyy, I'm lovin' this look. Your rock pinks very well. And I see you're diggin' the Eggplant liner. Took some gettin' used to but it is divine, uh?

And uhhh....you know I'm all over the fingernail polish. Beautiful color! I just purchased 4 new bottles last week. Something is wrong with meeeee. LOL!...email me. We gotta talk business. Brittany@ClumpsOfMascara.com. Yo email be trippin'. Everytime I email you, it comes back to me. Freakin' A mannnn.

ilurvemakeup said...

Thank you ^_^ So many great entries so far!

nywele said...

love the make-up..i will check out plum dressing :)..pinks look great on you

Anonymous said...

Can i just say that your skin is absolutley flawless. No matter the makeup it always looks good because you have great skin, the perfect makeup accessory.

memphiz said...

I love it! So pretty! I wish i could do this! and stay beautiful!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Lovely, just lovely. I have Mac Glam 5 in my purse right now...time to reapply..lol
Product Junkie DIva

the Muse said...


You're it beautiful!


fuzkittie said...

I like your pink+purple look ~ very wearable for the daytime. =) And you have big gorgeous eyes. Btw, I'm in the DC area too!

(g)ezebel said...

niiiice..!! what is that beautiful nail polish you have on??

girrrrl, when i get obsessed, i get obsessed. my entire sephora order was aquolina's pink sugar. *sheepish grin* my other favorites are vera wang's princess and givenchy's very irresistible. oh, and the lizard girl's perfume paris hilton.

Lakia said...

Very Nice, I think I wanna try, I got some minerals that I haven't used yet.

Mischo Beauty said...

Beautiful dahling! I love it!! Oh and I tagged you today! :)

ilurvemakeup said...

I already did a lot of them the past couple of days jus doing a messy blending on one eye at a time. No mascara nata just too see if I'm feeling the color combos on me. I didn't take any pictures, completely forgot. The day I wear the winner's look I will be posting it tho! :)

microbrother said...

omg, where did you get those beautiful eyes?????????

yummy411 said...

@ divine blackness: girrrrll thank you! but I'm struggling trying to keep the brows together. i passed up Mindy my last visit to the nail shop, but I must see her ASAP!

i had to try out the eggplant again on another round of bogo. this is the first time i broke it out. yeeehhh i guess it's nice *wink*

nail polish is sooo fun! the close ups in the pics make them look soo crappy but yes, it's the blue from the china glaze WOW (and Ink) collections.

@ lurve: thank you! i know, i've seen some! you'll def come away with a fab look!

@ nywele: thank you! i had to take a second look and make sure i wasn't using Cranberry.

@ anon: thank you sooo much! that is very warming =)

@ memphiz: please try! it's easy and i did a tutorial! let me know if you did!

@ product junkie diva: thank you! i love vg5. it was one of the first lipstick i really loved! now as a old faithful lipstick i recommend it to people all of the time!

@ the muse: thanks lady. my post below this one i tell you 6 of my quirks.

@ fuzkittie: thank you! yay you are in the metro area! so where do you like to shop?

@ (g): thank you! it's Frostbite from china glaze's WOW and Ink collections.

so with fragrances you're a repeat offender? I think i've only repurchased fragrances twice. one of them if i can remember is aqua di gio for women. such a great summer fragrance. it reminds me (like most of my scents) of a particular time period in my life, so i'm starting to feel it's dated =/ which is why i don't ever really repurchase... besides already having the lotion and bath gels to go with the fragrances LOL!

@ lakia: thank you! please do! i'd love to see this on someone else. i'm starting to feel that some of my ideas look better on others than it actually does on me.

@ mischo beauty: oh thank you! i'm not sure if i got around to posting my tag on other's blog, but i tagged you for the camera tag game. what cam do you use? esp. for those gorgeous shots of your hot red hair?!

@ lurve: thanks!

@ microbrother: LOL hehehe they look like yours huh?

MakeupByRenRen said...

love it...i really like how you made a smokey purple pink eye...gotta love those milani pencils! when i recreated the look to wear out later i definitely rocked that on my lower lashline too :) next time i'll mix it with smolder, thanks for more fabulosity!

nywele said...

you've been tagged for another game. I can't wait to read your entry

LBIC said...

Love the pink! I've tried doing pink and purple a couple of times and have gotten it right once. Thanks for the tut!

yummy411 said...

@ renren: thanks chica! i'm going to try it again at another time (a little neater) and see what i make of it!

@ nywele: wow! thanks!

@ lbic: thank you! i'm glad you liked it! thanks for stopping by.. you have a great blog, and avatar LOL!

Marsadie said...

This look is FIERCE!!

yummy411 said...

thanks marsadie!