Friday, April 04, 2008

Yummy411: New Target Brushes

I swear, Lurve made me do this! She posted about the new and improved brushes from Target and I ran to see if my Target had them... Yippee! They did (not online =( ). Okay, it's not solely her fault (Lurve you are one of the enablers!) but I am a total brush whore right now.

So what's new and improved?
New: this rounded taklon brush. I tried to save the packaging so that I could give you guys the exact name, but sorry. Trash goes fast around here. I like this for emollient based stuff; blending the paint pots, etc.

Fluff shader brush. I had a shader brush from S.K.'s white handled line and it was thin. This is fluffy and I haven't seen it before. I suppose that it's new to the line. Got other one similar, but another won't hurt.

New: crease brush! (on the left) compared to the old one (on the right). The old one on the right is super soft and over time has spread. So the control isn't as precise as the new and improved crease blending brush. The new one, on the left, is more pointed/domed shaped, dense and firmer! Me likey ALOT! Def go get this!

Here they all are pictured together (l-r domed taklon brush, fluff shader brush, old crease brush, the new and improved crease brush!)

Have you all checked them out yet? What do you think?


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

I LOVE my new SK crease brush. :) It's awesome. Haha. I was actually eyeing that rounded taklon brush... hmm. i just might have to go back and get it... just in case. hahaha. :P

ilurvemakeup said...

Hurray! I thought I was going crazy and felt stupid thinking that they might of always been like that... and I just live under a rock lol I love the improved dome like blending, it's my new fave :D They were all out of the taklon when I went that day, I will check to see if they restocked today or this weekend :) I used to hate SK white handles, but they just got better yeay!

(g)ezebel said...

target has their own brand?? or those are sonia kashuk brushes??

MakeupByRenRen said...

yay! i got the same crease brush after i saw lurve's post...but it was weird b/c it shed like 8 hours the first time i cleaned it with brush cleaner...

SeZ said...

So I'm new to your blog and I'm more of a lip gloss girl. How important is it to use a brush when applying eye shawdow? I usually only apply one shade on the lid just as an accent color.

Afrodite said...

Dammit Yummy! What are u trying to do to me? I don't need to make my way to Target anytime soon. I was just there two days ago and didn't buy any products.

*Gets car keys and heads to Target

Anonymous said...

I had to recently replace my SK blending brush too. It looked exactly like yours. The new one is perfect!!!

I love them. I must admit that I prefer the plastic black handles though. They last longer.

yummy411 said...

@ christiana: go get it! go get it! LOL

@ ilurvemakeup: after buying my first few white handled brushes, i didn't buy anymore except a lip brush, but this seems to be a winner.

@ (g): sorry g, SK stands for sonia kashuk which i dub as 'target brushes' ha

@ makeupbyrenren: gasp.. i guess i was so excited, i didn't quite um *cough* do that yet.. will try it and see what happens. thanks for sharing!

@ sez: hi sez! welcome! brushes are important. if you are only doing one shadow on the lid, it may not be so important unless you are concerned with the intensity. brushes help to provide a uniform layer of shadow and depending on the brush, it can really 'pack' the shadow on your lid. you can get a way with a sponge tip applicator or even your finger, but try to at least have one shadow brush in your makeup bag. ;) look forward to seeing you around!

@ afrodite; umm it's not my fault! blame it on Lurve LOL!

@ juvenescent: i hear that the black ones are better, but for me, do i really need another brush.. or just buy a MAC eyeshadow LOL! thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link - I've added your blog to my link list tonight.
Take care,

Connie said...

oh!! I wish we had Target over here! It's been such a challenge for me to find a decent but cheap big crease brush. I've been contemplating on the e.l.f crease brush. Have you used that before? I've heard horrible stuff about e.l.f's brushes except for the eyeshadow brush so I'm not sure if I should order the crease brush.


yummy411 said...

hi connie! i have never tried it, but let me check with some other friends who have....

mandilicious said...

i got the new crease brush too..i really like it..i was looking forward to make-up time today just so i can use that..hehe..i looooove it..i was gonna get 222 from MAC, but this will definitely do for now..oh and i was also thinking of getting that round tip synthetic brush for p/p's too..i didn't though..but now i are my evil

yikes i'm writing you a novel here..

did you also see the new flat buffer brush *black handle*?..i'm eyeing that too..i just held back coz i thought it was expensive..???which is like really weird coz i didn't have any problems shelling out $52 for one MAC probably get this too, eh?..

btw, i like the Heatherette look you did..are there more pics?..lemme see!..:)

mrslanielovesmac said...

Hello! Great post! I haven't tried any of the SK brushes but I will definitely try the new crease brush. Thanks to you for these photos!
Oh before I forget, I did a post on my Vegas day 2 look on my blog. See ya!

yummy411 said...

@ mandilicious: isn't the new crease brush fab? i'm not sure how different the synthetic round tip brush is, but it's sure nice to have! get it! get it! LOL

i don't have mac's flat buffer brush, but i do have that expensive pointed tip powder brush LOL

this is actually a dupe parrot look i did that won me a prize to BUY some heatherette ;) i do have more pics or you can click the link from the contest and see more.

@ mrslanielovesmac: thanks for the heads up! love the new crease brush.

Anonymous said...