Thursday, April 03, 2008

Yummy411: 6 Random Things About Me Tag

Older Yummy411 readers may know quite a few too many random things about me as I've done this game before more than a few times (check the meme category in the label cloud of the sidebar). However, being tagged is only being thought of so I couldn't resist the call when my girl Shawnta tagged me! I hope I can think of 6 things you guys don't already know!

1. I'm allergic to non shellfish except processed tuna and salmon. Go figure!

2. I walked the Great Wall with some of my best friends.

3. I co-hosted the Hispanic Heritage Month Day program with one of my best friends back in the 6th grade. Hahahaha! I dug deep for that one. Hey, it's one of our stellar moments in our friendship!

4. I guess I can make one of these makeup related- I favor detailed eyes that pop and a muted lip. Just more my style!

5. I sucked my thumb as a kid.

6. I'm near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other... something like that. I just have terribly different visions in both eyes. =(

Just because this is a random post, I'll leave you all with something else totally random:

My oh my! I was over at Pop Culture Junkie and she posted this. Now if this ain't some James Brown, Electric Slide, heel toe jig! Youtube is too much! I not only can learn how to do makeup, but learn the latest line dances too! (I've already checked for Salsa and Bachata lessons, LOL!)

Tagging: hmmmmm the Muse, Jamie and welcome to beauty blogging Lakia! (I tried to tag people that I don't think have done this before.)


nywele said...

i am posting mine tomorrow:)
I still suck my thumb....


LOL!!!I love youtube! I swear you could learn how to do everything on there. I just realized that here I go tagging people and I didn't even follow the directions myself LOL! I got to go think up one more random thing.

Lakia said...

So is my son, I thought he was the only person allergic to non-shellfish, and the boy can eat tuna too. I can't even fry fish in the house without him getting a reaction. And he can tear up so crabs.

Product Junkie Diva said...

A non shell fish allergy, that is interesting.
We sure can remix the electric slide can
I like your blog Yummy.
Product Junkie Diva

yummy411 said...

@ nywele: you do!?! how have you managed to hold on to that habit? i got too busy in about the first grade and couldn't keep my thumb in my mouth. then it would get dirty and not right for sucking.. thennnnn kids started to talk about my little deformed, crusty thumb =( and braces came later.

@ shawnta: yes youtube is a mess!

@ lakia: i am just like him!!! does he have bad allergies (pollen, seasonal,etc.?) oh boy and shrimp.. delish! but i know that eating that contributes to my 'normal' allergies, so eat that stuff occassionally.

@ product junkie diva: yup, all of my sisters and myself (oh except the youngest.... she was spared because she was born a whole generation later hahaha!) have non shellfish allergies. thanks for stopping by! i like your blog too =)

Virtuous Blue said...

LOL, a friend sent that video in an email and we were DYING over how intricate it was. We were like "is this a line dance or the choreography to latest MC Hammer video?"

yummy411 said...

virtuous blue.. you are ripping my sides up!!! ahhahahaa!!!

microbrother said...

I searched and I searched...dancing is the only thing I knew something about on your site. Thank you for the video, babygirl!

Your Uncle

yummy411 said...

LOL i'm glad! can you get your feet to move like that??