Friday, April 18, 2008

Yummy411: Derm Day!

Notice anything different? No, not the makeup, or a different day, or that I'm looking in different directions.... ok..... don't notice anything really? My skin tag is gone!!!!

You didn't notice? Neither did my family, who were the same ones constantly reminding me of it!

Don't know what a skin tag is?

It's that little thing right there! (ref: red arrow!)

In this pic, it looks like the other small pimples/moles on my face, but from a good angle it appeared to be a long booger or a gross spud on a potato.. or as the doc said, 'wart-like'. Babyyum often played with it or I was constantly on the verge of detaching it myself.

I told you guys previously in my hyperpigmentation post that I did with the help of Mischo Beauty, that I was visiting a dermatologist. Wednesday was that day. I had 3 things to address (and a few things to sneak in for you guys!):
-my dark, itchy underarms (sorry tmi)
-a good facial regimen for my periodic pimples
-my skin tag

Here are the answers to my concerns:
1) Dark, itchy underpits
Culprit- shaving and ingrown hairs
Solution- a topical lotion (Cordran Lotion) to address the itchiness, with a menthol cooling sensation. I was told not to shave to keep from irritating the skin further and making ingrown hairs. No waxing, anything. Laser hair removal and African American skin don't mix. Just clip the hair down with scissors... Q: Nothing for the darkness? A: It would take too long to get rid of that.
Me: wtf?!

Why underarm hair anyway? An ancient mating sign to help trap our natural scent (to regulate temps and to protect those areas.) Aha! No wonder pregnant women sometimes have trouble finding good deo. Like me on birth control =(

2) A good facial regimen for my periodic pimples
Culprit- the monthly, didn't get a real answer......
Solution- a sulfur, gentle face wash, a non alcoholic toner (Azulen lotion), use a light facial moisturizer with spf, don't do a lot of exfoliating, not even the daily microbeads. Q: Even for people that wear full faces of makeup often? A: Yes.
Me: Wtf? Hard to hear, but I've actually heard it before.

3) Skin tag
Culprit- no actual reason, possibly hereditary
Solution- "We'll take care of that in the front room."
Me: OMG!

My Skin Tag Removal Experience
Some people get the tags removed, others feel they fit in with the rest of their moles. I was there and they could take care of it in the front room. Didn't seem like too much trouble. I was nervous, but the assistant told me that the GYN is worse. LOL.

1. Sat on the table.

2. With a slim instrument with a small, metal loop at the end, (I tried to search for names/pics of this instrument with no success.) she cut and burned the tag off in about .02 seconds.

3. Opened my eyes.

4. I was done!

5. Bad feeling that I will get a bill because my insurance more than likely won't cover this.. oh sh**

The Good- I got rid of my skin tag and my issues aren't really that serious.
The Bad- I didn't get good insight to my issues like hyperpigmentation and what to do about it! The quest continues!

Until then, you guys should really check out the May issue of Essence with Laila Ali and her oh so sexy new man on the cover. There is a fabulous article on skin care for women of color (pg. 176). They even talk about the forbidden skin treatments for women of color and how we can partake! I have to revisit it myself!


Jennifer said...

Hey! I totally had something like this removed from my leg (of all places). It was removed the exact same way. My insurance company paid for it and I just had to pay the co-pay. BTW love the blog!

nywele said...

what a great read! I still have my skin tag so it is great to hear how yours was removed...
off topic: your locks are really growing well and are just precious

yummy411 said...

@ jennifer: thanks!! and thanks so much for chiming in. i'll keep my fingers crossed that my ins. co. will do the same!

@ nywele: i'm glad you enjoyed ;) thank you so much! maintaining the locs is an act of love and patience!

Anonymous said...

This is why I hate the American insurance scheme: it screws us all. In other developed countries they pay slightly higher personal taxes but enjoy socialized health care. I can't wait to move away.

Lani said...

the pit situation was not tmi at all. i actually have the same problem. moreso with the darkness. i started having that with my first pregnancy and it went away. then when i got pregnant with my son it came back and never went away. i hate it! the hubs sometimes teases me about it and trust, i get so infuriated lol. i even tried this filipino brand deodorant that supposedly makes it whiter under there. but i don't think i used it long enough to see results.

how's about i make you a deal? let's both apply for MAC. lol. girl, yeah right! i don't know if i'd ever really have the guts to do that. that would definitely be a dream job foreal.

take care yumsie! ;)

(g)ezebel said...

so, does that mean you're not gonna shave your armpits anymore? i think it's the deodorant. i was getting dark, too, then started scrubbing the hell outta my armpits in the shower, after a couple weeks of scrubbing, the dark is hardly noticeable now. but then also, i stopped shaving and am now using an epilator...

one of my friends has a skin tag right by his eye and it's such a part of him, i can't imagine it being gone.

yummy411 said...

@ mandypandy: thanks for taking a crack at the ins. co's and not my tag or pits! hahaha!

@ lani: hola chica! see that's why they call arm pits, the pits!
lani, we are about to have a real challenge... i think the diff between us *cough* i mean YOU and them, is def not skill, just confidence that you can get the job. let's make a bet! what do you say?

@ (g): i understand. when i sit with my face in my hand and stroke my face, there's no little thingy to play with and it feels smooth! who's face is this? =)

cybele said...

my father is French so I have a few skin tags myself. This is gross but I actually cut one off myself. it wasn't bad at all actually. thanks for posting about it! ~Cybele

Twinkle Twinkle said...

Is Lalia's man new? I thought she was engaged when she was on Dancing With the Stars...

Andyz1girl said...

Saw you on the street near Verizon Center last week.

Lookin' good girl!

Thanks for all the info.

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

hey girlie!! i sooo have not forgetten u! lol. My life has been chaos, but trust that i've been keepin up with all of u lovely ladies! Great post by the way....i have sensitive underarms also, kinda sucks that nothin can be done about the darkness! :(

SuzieC said...

I really thought that they would have told you more about your underarms. I guess I'll start using hair remover creams and chill with the shaving.

Virtuous Blue said...

Aw, don't you just hate it when the Dermie doesn't really give you answers that you need to hear? The first time I went to the Derm was years ago, and I pretty much got information that I knew prior to going due to googling lol. I'm not that disheartened though. I will still be returning to one...i'll just be making it more of a collaborative effort lol

yummy411 said...

@ cybele: wow! i was so tempted to do it myself. the only thing though is that the doc said, cutting it might leave chances for it to reappear. i guess with the way mine was done it's supposed to cut off the blood supply to that area and i won't ever see it again. has yours come back?

@ twinkle twinkle: hey, i'm pretty sure that's the same guy. he's just new to me as i can't keep up with all of these celebs!

@ andyz1girl: hi! you're welcome. you should have stopped me and said hello!

@ tracez of my lipstick: hey homez! no worries.. i know how life is! thanks though for stopping by to say hello! if the celebs can have pretty clear underarms... i can too! the quest doesn't stop here. i'm going to start out by 'exfoliating' like (g) said and see what happens.

@ suziec: i thought so too, but i got a feeling that they felt my issues weren't that serious considering the other ills other have to suffer with their skin. i shouldn't have felt they way, but hey. while i don't doubt their expertise, i might scope out an african american derm in this area to see what they know/say.

@ virtuous blue: yeh, it was a little disheartening, but i know there's a remedy some where... ;)

BeautyTalk said...

I took mine out myself but I think it keeps growing back..

Divine Blackness said...

I'm thinkin' it's just me but the skin tag is kinda cute. My Mommy has some and I don't know....they add character to her face. Along with the freckles that I wish I had. But people say the same think about my gap and I'm indifferent about that so I feel ya.

I used to have hella issues with the underarms until Mother the herbalist made a nice little blend for me. And I stopped shaving and started clipping. Which used to be a hassle but I'll do anything to stop the icky razor bumps. Aloe vera and tea tree oil gel is also very soothing for AFTER you shave.

And on the topic of laser, my Mom is about your complexion (maybe a little lighter) and she got laser hair removal for her face and it did NOT work...even afer several features. Because we have highly pigmented skin, the surgeons are hesitant (as they should) about getting too close to our skin. So, it's not even that effective. Booooo.

Divine Blackness said...

features=treatments. Ugh, it's Monday, chile.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

I have the same dark underarm mess and I always break out under there after I shave. I just shave it down and not all the way off. F-ck those who got problem with it!! lol!! They don't have to deal with itches.

Mischo Beauty said...
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Mischo Beauty said...

Kia!!!!! Great post! It's always great to get answers from the experts! I have the May issue of Essence but haven't read it yet- but I'll make it a point tonight!

Oh and I had a mole removed from my leg- sounds like the same procedure as the removal of your skin tag- yikes!

yummy411 said...

@ beauty talk: the doc assistant said that it may grow back if you simply cut it off. so they treated mine with a electric/laser type cut, cutting off blood to that area so it won't reappear there.

@ divine blackness: thanks B for sharing! Essence was giving some info about hair removal treatments with physicians that cater to african american skin.. i can't wait to get a full read!

@ jamie: i know that's right!

@ mischo beauty: thank you! let me know what you think about the article!

Vanessa said...

Ooh skin tags! I never had one but I know tons of people that do, when you get them removed do they have a chance of growing back? I couldn't even notice it from the pic! But I am glad it was fast and easy to get it removed!

Haha and yeah weird I know, putting toilet seat covers on your own damn toilet seat, haha but I hate thinking I am putting germs on my bottom! LOL.

yummy411 said...

hey vanessa! it was explained to me like this- simply cutting it off, there are chances it will grow back; getting it done through the freeze method is overkill for a minor problem (using a sledge hammer to kill a fly, LOL), but the laser/electric removal is cutting it off AND killing the blood supply to that spot so it will not grow back.

it's okay LOL...our unique quirks etc make us special ;)

nilla cookie said...

Hey Kia!

Wow, I didn't really know that skin tags actually had a name! How awesome that they "took care" of it for you so quickly. But sad for BabyYums, nothing for him to play with now ;)

Good to hear that the derm had some good nuggets of advice. Maybe I should look into it too.

yummy411 said...

hey nills! if it doesn't bother you, don't worry about them! but yup, it's a snap to get rid of =)

ladyjane said...

I believe I have a skin tag, well I have excess skin that's like a mole under my pit, it drives me crazy! I always skip a stubble or two cause the thing is in the way when I shave. Sorry, TMI? LOL I'm glad it's an easy procedure though. I'm thinking of getting rid of it once I have the money to do so. It's so awesome that you got it removed and you shared your experience with us. Going to the doctors always freak me out.

yummy411 said...

ladyjane, that's not tmi at all. i believe i had one before and accidentally cut it off =( i knew nothing about mole and skin tag removal so i thought i'd share in case anyone was curious!

Amina said...

that's it! i am sick of mine and i am having a consultation to remove it...
i was so tempted to cut it off but too scared too especially if it starts bleeding or heaven forbids, i get an infection...

BonitaGlover said...

i so have one on my stomach, under my boob sort of and my semi-boyfriend tried to pluck it off because he thought it was a crumb, and i'm all, "dude that's my skin"