Friday, April 11, 2008

Yummy411: Hyperpigmentation/ Dark Spots

Hey Talysha, this one's for you!

Many women of color suffer from hyperpigmentation or dark spots from acne to ingrown hairs. I wanted some advice from blogger friend Mischo about what we should do about them and the best spot concealer!

Here's what she had to say:

"Hyperpigmentation is the overproduction of pigment (melanin) which results in discoloration or dark areas on the skin. It may be caused by a number of internal or external factors such as sunlight, injury, trauma, medication, skin diseases and skin treatments and products. Women of color are more susceptible to skin discoloration due to genetics and the differences in physiology.

If you have a tendency for this disorder, then you should avoid the following:

1. Sun Exposure (it's one of the biggest causes of hyperpigmentation and will make existing disorders worse)

2. Deep Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion or Laser Services (these services could result in injury or trauma to the skin)

3. Over-Exfoliation (this will make the disorder worse and might cause hypopigmentation, which is the loss of pigment)

4. Manipulation of Pimples (use an over-the-counter spot treatment or medication prescribed by your dermatologist to treat them)

Because shaving may cause hyperpigmentation for some, in addition to irritated skin and ingrown hairs, I would suggest waxing, threading, or using a depilatory (hair removal cream). Your dermatologist may even have a treatment to block hair growth.

I'd recommend Dermablend products as a concealer. I've heard over and over again how great they are for achieving maximum coverage and a flawless look. (Yummy411:"I would recommend MAC's Studio Finish SPF35 concealer.")

Though skin of color is more susceptible to pigmentation issues, it's advantage is that due to it's difference in physiology, it has a greater protection from the sun and shows fewer signs of aging."

See Mischo's full article on her site- Hyperpigmentation 101. Thanks Mischo for all of your help!!!

Stay tuned for Part 2. I personally have dark underarms, so I'm visiting a dermotologist. I'm going to sneak in a couple of questions and I'll let you all know what he says!


Divine Blackness said...

It sucks that we have to deal with the hyperpigmentation business. But I definitely have to co-sign with the MAC concealer. It is amaziiiing. I feel as if I don't even have to wear foundation with this stuff.

And I think it's also good that you mentioned protecting the skin from the sun. We tend to think that just because we don't "tan" like lighter skin folx, that we don't need to protect our skin. So not true. A Florida girl like myself knows the importance of SPF on the face and body year round.

Wonderful and informative post, Yums!

slvrlips said...

Hey Yummy,
Great post! I also wanted to add that some women on the thicker side also suffer from what I like to call "Contoured Hyperpigmentation". It is when the shallow of the cheeks start to get darker due to weight gain. I currently suffer from this on my right cheek. (hint I need to shed a lot of pounds) Any who I just wanted to add my two cents(lol). I also agree that derma blend and Mac concealer kick azz with hiding the discoloration.

Thanks again for the post because I surly wanted to getMicrodermabrasion but if it is going to make this mark darker, no thanks.
Have a great weekend

yummy411 said...

@ divineblackness: i'm glad you enjoyed this post! thanks for stressing the importance of spf!

@ slvrlips: hey! thanks nikkia! i wonder if that's why i have 'natural' contouring color on my cheeks?!

SuzieC said...

Great article. I have hyperpigmentation om my some parts of my chin due to ingrown hairs. I tried Dermablend and couldn't get the right shade so I returned it. Right now I'm using Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer and so far I like it. I still want to try the MAC concealer since I've heard really good things about it. I also have dark underarms so at some point I'm going to see a dermatologist about that and my chin.

yummy411 said...

hi suziec! thank you and thanks for stopping by my blog. it's good to hear that smashbox worked for you. an artist used it for my undereye circles and i didn't feel that good about it. i used some mac concealer on someone that had the same problem and it worked like a charm. i'm glad there are a range of options out there. i'm going to the derm too to see what we can do about treating these probs!

yummy411 said...

suzie c, great blog! comments are disabled?

Talysha said...

Hey Kia! Thanks so much for posting this, I really appreciate it. Since we last spoke, I have seen a big change in the skin discoloration on my chin. I've only been keeping my skin hydrated and using aloe vera lotion (which is like a miracle to my skin) and things have cleared up dramatically. I still plan on tryin the MAC Studio Finish concealer for touch ups until my I'm finished with my treatments. Thanks again for this great post. Great job!

SuzieC said...

Hey yummy,comments should be working. I've been playing around with my blog so I hope I didn't mess something up. Keep us posted on what your dermatologist says. I've been hearing mixed reviews about them and what they can do.

Dollfaced Rebel said...

This is deff. a problem for me. It seems as if nothing works. I will give these a try, but I'm also getting an gylcolic acid peel, and this post warns against that. I am now afraid. My hypopigmentation is minor, so I don't want to end up with a situation that is worse...Should I do it?

yummy411 said...

hi dollfaced rebel! DO consult with the esthetician or tech that will be performing the service as to the outcome and what's best for your skin!

(g)ezebel said...

dermablend is wonderful! i use it to cover up a mole/tattoo on my chin.

i've been using a great moisturizer by Rx for Brown Skin. i think it's great for women of color to even out skin tone.

yummy411 said...

(g) derma blend is hot right? i had to warm up to it and learn how to use it, but once i did... it's amazing!

thanks for the rec! i'll look into it!

Awais said...

this is realy over hyperpigmentation but you explain this like a perfact dermatologist. Well Yummy411. I want to increase your knowledge that same like this there is a missing pigmentation problem called vitiligo. About 65 million of peaple suffering from this skin condition vitiligo and it is very difficult to treat vitiligo.

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