Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Yummy411 Thanks you! + Heatherette Looks

I want to say thank you to all of you that voted for me a while back for Habitual Beauty's Holiday Giveaway. I won based on this look:

Thanks for making me a winner! Thanks HB! I won a MAC gift card and went Heatherette hauling (for some more stuff! lol)

***CAUTION! WARNING! If you are over, nauseated, tired, bored or all of the above with MAC's Heatherette collection, don't go any further!***

I picked up: trio 1 and the good girl lashes (I thought I was a bad girl, but I love the glitter reflects in the lashes.) I bought some staples like Woodwinked, Dollymix and Pink bronze pigment. However, the pink pearl pigment and 3d glitter are calling me back! (Got gold reflects glitter and some lippies already.) I swear I have a dupe for pink pearl pigment, but it's a powder and a bit more chalkier than going on smooth and shimmery. They were out of the liners (the Blue Pop one was on my list!)

I have not done an FOTD yet, though I had ideas. I haven't done one yet because I'm so dang busy looking at other blogs and youtube vids =( So here's what I found... some hotness! I love sgtigress, her looks and personality. I'm not quite the advocate of females calling each other bitches... but you gotta take the good with some bad. Lucky for us she did looks for both trios. Friggin A! I might have to go back for trio 2!

Trio 1

Trio 2

She shares my love of glitter (worn the good way, adding definition to her look.. did you see the glitter in my holiday fotd above?), paint pots, rhinestones, drama and she uses the mysterious 223 brush (that I bashed for a while)! I might have to get that too. Instead of doing nothing (like we said in our brush discussion hahaha), it may just blend enough, but leaves enough for definition in a look!

Hope you enjoyed and I hope to get to my posts up; the ones where I actually have to do more work like taking pics of stuff and uploading on the dreaded blogger.. womp womp.. until next time babes!



Yay! I'm glad you won!
I like her videos too, but I'm like when did I miss the memo that insults are cool. Must be something for the youngins.


Oh yeah tag your it!
See my blog for details.

Agostina said...

Thanks for the comment on my post eco-Tools - let me know when you've updated your blog roll and I'll add your link back.
Take care,
Sorry about leaving messages on your post but, I tried to email you and for some reason it won't go though.

(g)ezebel said...

ooo, i love that look, especially the light blue (teal?) on your lids. very pretty!!

p.s. everyone who smells aquolina's Pink Sugar on me immediately is reminded of being at the carnival eating cotton candy. doh! my kids LOVE the scent. :0)

Lakia said...

GREAT LOOK! Check out my beauty blog when you get a chance. It's in the beginning stages though...

mrslanielovesmac said...

Ooh la la... you're a real Heatherette. You look amazing in these colors. Love it! I didn't like the color when I first saw it but you're making me wanting to get one now. I already have 'cloudbursts' that's why I didn't want to get the trios.

yummy411 said...

@ shawnta: thanks! yeh i hear you. thanks for the tag!!

@ agostina: got ya covered!

@ (g): thanks! it's loreal hip's duo in showy!!!!

@ lakia: thanks! welcome to beauty blogging!

@ mrslanilovesmac: thank you!

BeautyTalk said...

This is such a cute look! Possibly one of the best I've seen using Heatherette :)

Apple Diva said...

Totally in love with Trio 1. If I had not stop by the MAC counter, not sure if I would have gotten it. Quite magical over Delft p/p!

nywele said...

Hello...Glad you won. That look was f-i-e-r-c-e!!!