Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yummy411: Eily Cut that Crease!

Cutting that crease refers to defining your own crease, sort of like the single line contouring and/or drag style of makeup. Simply fiyah! (for those of you that like dramatic makeup and makeup as art)

Youtuber Eily311
Thanks for putting me on Slvrlips!

Amazing work!

Youtuber Makeupholicliz


Vanessa said...

I got more AVON lippies for ya haha and they are similar to the MAC Slimshines, pretty good dupe! You need to hop on the AVON lippie wagon!

yummy411 said...

great! i'll come check them out! i've only tried all of my lipsticks except the pixel pink (notice my disappointment)... that's my only concern.