Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yummy411: Review of N Collection from MAC

MAC's N Collection hit stores today. Have you seen it? Get a rundown from The Daily Cookie if you haven't.

Here's my take:

If you have an extensive MAC collection- you can afford to skip this unless you are looking to replace some shades like Saddle, C- thru lipglass, etc. Your Soba, Antiqued, Shroom and Era shades are just as good. Save money for Fafi!!!!! ;)

If you are a new collector of MAC makeup- you might want to grab a few things. You have free range as the shades are very close.

Honorable mentions: Nanogold (a pretty gold lustre with Motif or Dazzlegold-like iridescence), Neutral Pink (on a brown beauty's lid, it reminded me of Yogurt, a permanent fav), 1N lipstick (a glaze with pink and gold shimmer and iridescence. Fab if you need a good frost in your collection. I use Gel l/s to lighten dark colors that I'm not comfortable with. If I didn't have it, I would have 1N l/s.)

Standing ovations: MSF's (the highlighters). If you are a fan of MSF's or have become recent fans of them, pick them up! If you have an extensive collection of blushes, pass on them. (**see Edit)You really can combine a color or two to make the same outcome, but these to me are a bit warmer in color. My other MSF's have great sheen and color, but present a gray cast if packed on too heavily. I wouldn't have the same problem with these.

Now, ladies, if you hold your C-thru lipglass close to the heart, I have one better: 1N lipglass!! Move over C-thru and Viva Glam 5! I know that's saying a lot, because I absolutely love VG5, but it is a fleshy nude compared to the new 1N. I love it!!

**EDIT: 1N lipglass is much better than C-thru, but VG5 stands as the #1 lipglass! =) I wore the lipglass for the remainder of the day and checked it out later. It really is nude, but VG5 has that flesh color with subtle gold shimmer that works well everytiime.

MSF Warm- not very much shimmer. A more refined powder, almost a satin bronzer. I like it a lot, but it really just adds warmth and not the glitter, shimmer, and sheen we are used to with the other MSFs. This is a nice powder for natural radiance/highlighting on brown skinned beauties.

MSF Light Flush- Holy cow!!! This is a real winner and if you pick up anything (granted you already own any MSF naturals) this is the item. This is from someone who only started collecting them with the Amuse Collection (circa 2005?) It is pink with gold/orange shimmer iridescence. You will really have a wonderful glow with this one! When you look at it in the pan, you may think Northern Lights from the Flashtronic collection, like I did. However, Northern Lights is a peachy pink, but more of a subtle peach compared to Light Flush. Light Flush is hot if you are into color, and not just subtle natural cheek/highlight colors. This is brown girl friendly!! Don't pass on this**

Share your hauls and opinions! Are there other items that I need to go back and check out?
*Holding out for FAFI!!!*


nilla cookie said...

Ack! 2N lipglass better than VG5?? I MUST to take a looksy this weekend :)

Thanks for the link love too, Miss Kia!

Vanessa said...

oh no! more temptation! What are you getting???!!!

Mrs. Lynne said...

Neutral Pink is sooo pretty. With self-resistance in full force, this was all that I picked up. The MSFs are soooo pretty. I'm not much for highlighting especially with a bit of shimmer, but these are amazing!

But must resist and wait for FAFI!!

Seymone said...

I just love this collection. I need to go back and get a back up of the lipglosses.. Especially 2N. However, I am not stupid I need to save all I can for FAFI and Heatherette..

Anonymous said...

I stopped by the MAC counter yesterday, and though the MSF Natural powders aren't limited edition, I hadn't had a chance to try them until this collection. Everything else seemed more or less blah to me, except for the MSF naturals. As far as powders go (baked or pressed), the MSF Naturals are very impressive. I'm still madly in love with my Pout loose powder, but if I had to choose any compact powder, it would be these ones. I'm glad they're not LE.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and I've finally posted that Japonesque review! :-)

Sorry for taking so long. :-/

Beautyful Habit said...


Divine Blackness said...

Hmmm....thanks for this. It'll give me a better idea at what to look at. I'm so not excited about this collection.

BabyDoll said...

1N better than C Thru??? I must get it!!! C Thru is one of my favs!

yummy411 said...

@ nilla cookie: i'm sorry, i meant 1N, which i realized VG5 still holds the crown, but 1N is a great l/g nonetheless.

@ vanessa: ehem *cough* check the standing ovation list ;)

@ mrs.lynne: great job! you are a true warrior! ;) go fafi! go fafi!

@ seymone: i'm sorry... i really meant 1N, but do check them all out as there may be something better to suit you.

@ mandypandy: i've had the msn natural since they debuted a while ago and it's my HG finishing/settign powder so far. thanks so much for that review! it was a great read =) better insight as to what i'd get when i order it.

@ beautyful habit: thanks a lot babez!

@ divine blackness: good! it's those fafi instints kicking in.... close your wallet and save... wait.. get that msf light flush. you'll thank me later LOLLOL!

@ babydoll: yes! check it out!

yummy411 said...

TO ALL: please tell me what you think of the collection and/or my recommendations/suggested items!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wanted to be wow'ed by this collection, but I couldn't. Apparently, this collection is supposed to give "a nude face, with coverage". The MSF's were very pretty though!! Bring on Fafi!

Ena Taylor said...

I just love this beauty products. The collection of lip glosses is really very nice.

yummy411 said...

@ scandalous beauty: i'm sure of your disappointment. i def agree with you about the msf. even though i wasn't wow-ed there is an alluring factor especially since i've grown to love a neutral look. =(

Fafi! Fafi! Fafi! haha... can't wait to read your review when that comes!

@ ena taylor: thanks

MakeupByRenRen said...

man i got a whole haul and didn't even pick up 1N? sighhhh what's a girl to do?