Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yummy411: Mischo Beauty Skincare

I've found the blog of Mischo Beauty, a licensed cosmetologist, makeup artist, and 'esthetician-in-training' with a focus on hair, skin and make-up. Great blog, great tips!

I was there reading about at home facial masks when I developed a burning question. I have the occassional pimple or two especially during that time of the month. If it doesn't go away after a bit of time, I might give it a squeeze. Despite knowing that I will scar my skin, it had never happened to me until now!

Mischo responded:
"Yes, "popping" pimples could most certainly cause damage to your skin. Not only do you run the risk of scarring, but you run the risk of damaging the hair follicle and causing the pimples to spread!

I would invest in a skincare line for acneic skin. Develop a regimen and be consistent! Consistency is most important! If you don't see results after a month, I suggest you see a dermatologist. One more thing: If you can afford to incorporate facials into your regimen- then do it! Facials help exfoliate the skin, clean hair follicles (pores), remove comedones (blackheads) and revitalize the skin. They are totally worth the investment. Clean and healthy skin is your goal!"

From that she developed a great post to help achieve and maintain beautiful skin!

Here are the 11 tips she gives:
1. Cleanse morning & night (never go to bed without cleansing your face!)
2. Tone after cleansing morning & night
3. Use your moisturizer with a minimum of SPF 15 during the day (very, very important!)
4. Use your moisturizer at night
5. Use an eye cream both morning and night under your moisturizer
6. Exfoliate 3x a week
7. Use your mask 2x a week
8. Take a multi-vitamin daily
9. Drink at minimum 8 glasses of water daily
10. Eat fresh green vegetables at least 3x a week
11. Make sure you're getting adequate sleep!

Be sure to check out Mischo Beauty's blog for more insight and great products that she recommends, as well as discussing other great topics!

She's inspiring me to become an aesthetician because flawless skin is beautiful and makeup only enhances that.. ahhh when will I be satisfied with my education endeavors?


Mischo Beauty said...

THANK YOU! Thank you so much!!!

Mischo Beauty

Amanda said...

Great info - especially about the SPF!

yummy411 said...

@ mischo beauty: thank you! keep up the great work!

@ amanda: thanks for stopping by!

Afrodite said...

I definitely do six out of the eleven on there but breakouts are inevitable.

I just discovered eyecream and it goes! My friends make fun of me but who's going to be laughing when I'm 50 looking like 30? Heh.

yummy411 said...

lol, that's great afrodite... i need to get on the game plan!