Monday, December 03, 2007

Yummy411: Max Factor Vivid Impact Mascara Product Review

Max Factor's new Vivid Impact Mascara lets you have fun with your lashes. There is a base coat color on one end and another flashy color for the tips of your lashes. Spice up your night or your makeup look with this new mascara. The combo shown in the picture is Blushing Blue. Here's some facts about Max Factor's new mascara:

Base coat plus iridescent top coat for lush lashes tinted with a wink of color
Next generation iFX brush technology
For beautifully framed and defined lashes
Easily reach base of lashes and corner lashes
Comb and cover lashes from root to tip
Won't smudge or smear
Washes off easily
Ophthalmologically tested
Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

I was able to try the 24 Karat Brown color combo- a brown base coat with gold being the wink of color. While the gold made my lashes sort of disappear, I am intrigued and curious as to how the gold would work with primer and a black base coat. I would also love to try the other colors. It is exciting to have these options in a convenient tube with a mascara wand. In the summer, I would put MAC's liquid last liner on my outer lash's tips for some funky color. Now there are plenty of options offered by Max Factor. The next time you are in the store, look out for it and pick up a tube to add some drama to your eye makeup!


Erika-Nicole said...

it's time for me to get a new mascara i think i may purchase this product. thanks!

nilla cookie said...

This is one that I've been wanting to try because of all the fun colors! Definitely a way to spice up your funky holiday look this year :)

Thanks for your review!

Vanessa said...

That looks so cool!

Baby Doll said...

Looks like fun! I will definitely have to try it out!

Coffee said...

This looks interesting! I am on the HUNT for a miracle mascara! My brows are SUPER curly and grow all haphazardly! It's so frustrating! Any suggestions!

I love your blog!

yummy411 said...

@ erika-nicole: try it out! the colors are fun =)

@ nilla cookie: try it and please report on how you like it.

@ vanessa: this mascara does look like a lot of fun.

@ baby doll: let me know what you think =)

@ coffee: this is not a miracle mascara, but it's sure fun to have as part of the collection.

unruly brows eh? here's what you do.. put some moisturizer in them, smooth them out and brush them upward making the hairs lay flat against your foreheaad. use some small scissors and cut the length down to the top of your brow. what you are doing is cutting the long length and curl out of your brows. wipe away the moisturizer. next, use clear mascara or eyebrow wax from just about anywhere (my fave nyc browser kit) to smooth them down and hold them in place. good luck! let me know how it works!

thank you!!

Divine Blackness said...

Ohhhh, cool! If I can be bold enough to bust yellow shadows, I'm sure I can do. Fun!

Coffee said...

@ yummy411...Thanks for the tip! I actually meant to type 'unruly eyelashes', sorry! My eyelashes grow CRAZY! As for my brows, well that's a whole other story! They are next to nonexistent! :)

yummy411 said...

@ divine blackness: i know you'll make a hot look with the colorful mascara =)

@ coffee: oh okay! a few tips: try vaseline (petroleum jelly) at night before bed to condition them (kinda like how you'd rememdy dry and rough hair). just a dab, rubbing into your lashes using your index finger and thumb. brush through with a spoolie (clean mascara wand) on the top. for days you are going out and haven't gotten them conditioned or just need extra maintenance, try clear mascara first to get your lashes groomed, then mascara to dress up the lashes. or try a heated lash curler. =) hope that helps!!