Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yummy411: Google Reader

I was over at Mrs. Lynne's blog yesterday reading her concerns about being able to keep up with her blog reading. I had recently felt the same. I thought to myself, 'why don't I take a few minutes to set up my Google Reader,' since I have an account with them already. I remember Janice had blogged about this some time ago, but I still had no real clue as to what Google Reader was. I guess at that point I wasn't overwhelmed with bloghopping. I currently have a few subscriptions to blogs via email, but I don't like those much. The email subscriptions just fill up my inbox and either don't show up in my preview pane so I can quickly glance and read the blogpost or people set the subscriptions to show summaries of the post and I end up clicking outside of the email anyway.

Since I took the time to set up my Google Reader, I logged in this morning to check and see what good I had done. Oh to high heavens am I elated that I did that! Making my blog rounds are so much more enjoyable. I'm kept up to date with the latest posts from my favorite blogs (unlike the blogrolling services, which are supposed to tell me when a blog has been last updated and show my preferred *NEW!* suffix to help out!) For some blogs, I don't know the differences, but I can click on comments right from the reader. I'm just so excited that I'm better able to keep up with people and their blogs, instead of clicking on each and everyone-- update, yes! no update, boo! LOL... If you are a blog junkie like me, this is the way to go. However, if email subscriptions work for you, then great!

Of course for this blog, you have all of those options. Each service gives you preferences for settings, but please let me know if I can do anything to make your reading more enjoyable on my end. I'm new to this, so I'm not as privy to the quirks and kinks of the systems. Thanks!

If you haven't subscribed or put Yummy411 in one of your preferred readers, what are you waiting for?! =) Keep up with me, new products, information on cosmetics and more!

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**EDIT: For more cool info and Google reader tricks, check out makeupFIX blog!


Lani said...

thank you so much for the info about the google reader! i know what you mean about keeping up with your blogrounds. this is great! and yes, the fafi collection looks YUMMY as hell!! lol.

Divine Blackness said...

My girl Yums saves the day again!! This Google Reader thing is amazing. I'm all up on it now. Thaaaaanks. And ohhh yesss, I've been having dreams about Fafi. Can't waaaait!

Mrs. Lynne said...

Oh yummy. I am sooo greatful for having Google Reader. I was seriously getting to the point where I was starting to dread the quantity (not content) of posts I had to catch up on because I would be so behind. I'm so glad my grumbling helped, hah. Now that means more time to play with makeup!

yummy411 said...

@ lani: google reader is a help! fafi in february! fafi in february!

@ divine blackness: isn't google reader the bomb. i wonder how it compares to yahoo and the others? oh well.. no real need to find out!

@ mrs. lynne: you feel me? exactly! yes, thanks to you i got my butt on top of things with Google reader =)


Yay for google reader! Do y'all notice some differences with the actually post and what you get on reader or is it just me?

Lexelle said...

Thanks for posting about google reader... I am liking it much more than the email updates. I had also noticed that I was not always updated about every new post. I have a question....are you able to leave a comment using the reader....or do you have to got the website?

Habitual Beauty said...

Great post noe i have to go and set mine up because everyone knows just how much i love love love love reading anything yummy411 and so many others bloggers content!!!! Happy Holidays!

KeShaJo said...

I love the Google Reader. It really helps to stay current with all of my favorite magazines too! Like InStyle and People magazine....It was very happenstance, the way I fell upon it...but it's a great one-stop resource!

yummy411 said...

@ <3 shawnta: i haven't noticed anything different. what was your experience?

@ lexelle: hey thanks for dropping by! i've noticed that wordpress blogs you can leave comments by clicking from google reader. however with blogger blogs, you actually have to open up the site, click on comments and do it that way... my only con about google reader. blogger is their own service, they should have the most convenient services! LOL

@ habitual beauty: thanks habitual beauty! i have subscribed to stay on top of all things habitually beautiful LOL

@ keshajo: cool thanks! i didn't realize that those mags had feeds for a reader! i'll check them out =)

HotSauce!! said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and also for this blog reader information. I never even heard of it but i wll def look into it.

Anna said...

I have also recently discovered Google Reader, and I think it's so much better than the other news readers I've used before! It makes it all so simple to read feeds!