Monday, December 24, 2007

Yummy411: Happy Holidays and Upcoming Posts!

Happy Holidays to all the bloggers and Yummy411 readers! I wish all of you the best this time of year-- safety, health, happiness and love! I look forward to going into the new year with all of you!

Here's what's coming up soon on Yummy411:

-My Parrot eyeshadow discoveries

-Holiday party crashers- still going strong!

- Drag makeup

-My progress in makeup and FOTD's

Stay tuned!


Mrs. Lynne said...

Hi yummy mama! Merry Christmas! Looking forward to the upcoming posts especially with my Google Reader in place :)


Merry Christmas mama!

nilla cookie said...

ooo, drag makeup sounds interesting!

Happy Holidays!!

Divine Blackness said...

Merry Christmas, Yums!! I'm doin' my rounds since my fam is out with the Itis. I'm hopin' you know what that means....LOL! I know you so. Can't wait for your new posts!!!

karen, said...

Merry Christmas, Kia!

Vanessa said...

Merry Christmas!

yummy411 said...

@ divine blackness: lol of course i do! this year we had a family video game to help us come out of it Lol!

thank you all! I hope each and everyone of you had a wonderful holiday and enjoy the new year to come!

HotSauce!! said...

Hope Santy brought you everything your heart desires!!

Have a Merry one and a happy new Year

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

Thanks Kia!! I hope you and your family had a beautiful holiday!! Have an amazing New Years! Keep up the fantastic blogging! xoxo!

MakeupByRenRen said...

Hey hon, i can't wait for a drag queen video, woo hoo! the other posts sound super exciting too...parrot discoveries, oohhhh ahhhhh, merry x-mas (belated that is, lol)

Mischo Beauty said...

Looking forward to your updates!

Mischo Beauty

adizzlegtk said...

yh cute blog

hit me up

yummy411 said...

@ hotsauce: thanks girl! same to you!

@ makeup junkie in canada: you too hon!

@ makeup by renren and mischo beauty: ;) i'll try to have my stuff up soon!

@ adizzlegtk: thanks for stopping by my blog. you have a great blog! i'm subscribing to your feed =)