Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yummy411: Fafi, Heatherette MAC Collabos!

(photos: Fafinette Podcast)

Y'all, I am squealing about the upcoming collaborations and collections that MAC will have with French graffiti artist Fafi and designer fab boys Heatherette!!! I'm not concerned about the in between! So far, the only info I could scoop from the oh- so- reliable MAC sources Janice of Specktra's Blog is that we should see the collection in February of 2008. There is a rundown of the products, but I def have to see product in person. Temptalia lead me to the official Fafi site with great product images! Woot woot! Get ready y'all!! No word on the Heatherette collection just yet. It doesn't matter! Just knowing that my fave cosmetic co. and Heatherette are doing anything together sounds great to me!!
Do you all feel my excitement?! THE EXCITEMENT!!! How cute is that compact??!
Okay, woo sah!! February is a little far away right now.......... Stay tuned!!!


KeShaJo said...

I love, love, love Heatherette...great collabo! I'll just buy the product for art's sake! You know me!

Baby Doll said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I'm sooooooo excited!!!!!

Coffee said...

I want that Fafi collection just off the packaging alone! LOL...SOMETHING in the collection has to work for me! LOL

And I've fell off the bandwagon, too this past week and change....HARD!...But, I'm back..it's a difficult process....sigh.


I love the packaging, but I don't know about the colors they have chosen. I may just get a bag and sell the cosmetics if nothing is working cause the art is so cute!

Glossy said...

I'm gonna have to get it all! It's too fun and funky-looking to pass-up! :)

I'm loving your blog!<3

yummy411 said...

@ coffee: girl we gotta keep going! stay strong! are you taking any special measure to stay on track during the holidays?

@ glossy: thank you!

@ EVERYONE: I agreee!!! I'm sold on packaging alone for collectible art =)

nilla cookie said...

I actually think the colors there are really pretty and think that a lot of it will shades I like!

Can't wait!

Afrodite said...

That compact is mad cute but just like Divine, I've had to give my MAC Sheer Pressed Powder the ol' heave ho. I think it was breaking me out. I'm going to switch over to Clinique and see how my skin likes it.

Beauty Tyrant said...

Hey Kia

Thanks for dropping by my blog. you have a fantastic blog, hmm all the yummy makeup for us girls :)

Keep up the great work and keep in touch

yummy411 said...

thank you Beauty Tyrant! You have a fantastic site as well. We shall keep in touch, sharing all of our love for beauty! =)