Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yummy411: Makeup and Reality TV

So everyone talks about The Hills and other pop culture reality tv. Apparently, too many folks are interested in Pepa's bad facelift. To this day, most of the hits I get on my site are for that one post when I was shocked to see Pepa's facelift. Since then I haven't seen much tv, as I don't get to watch as much as I'd like. My at-home status tonite granted me access to all the shows. I was able to catch up on a few reruns... of course watching for fab makeup all the way! =)

Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is- Season 2
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Keyshia's makeup. She rocked a smokey eye one set, a turquoise eye that matched some slouchy suede turquoise boots the next-- the makeup was just fierce! I'm desparately seeking the makeup artist that contributed to her show this go around. A lot of times, makeup artists are so devalued that they get no love. I'm on a quest to find out who this person or team is!
Recap: Keyshia's sister, Neffy, goes to therapy to hash out some issues and to a gyn appointment, finding out that she's expecting her 4th or 5th child. I can't keep up as I don't get to watch much television. She is married to a guy behind bars, with whom she has a turbulent history, but her 'on the side' activity has caught up with her. Keyshia has a big listening party down in Miami for her new album. Her mom surprises her to join in on the fun as it is her mom's birthday as well. Her mom didn't feel well received, but Keyshia says it's all love.

I love Keyshia and how she's matured since the last season. Since reconnecting with her fam and mom, she doesn't care that they are recovering from drug abuse and other issues, just having them alive and well is good enough for her. Her mom was really cutting a rug at the listening party and would have put me to shame, but for Keyshia she was glad that her mom was having a good sober time.

Sunday's Best
They have narrowed the competition down to four fantastic finalist- three ladies and one gentlemen. No makeup to take note of here, but people went Pentacostal in the house and had church in the middle of competition! Praise God!

American Gangster
Jeff Fort was profiled on this edition.

BET College Hill: Interns
I'm on a mission for the makeup artist on this set as well. I want to think that many of the girl's do their own makeup, but they usually have brows that are on point. The most impressive has been the makeup of Kathy. She uses vibrant colors that compliments her style and eye shape. I love it! Did you catch my last post about Cover Girl's Queen Collection Natural Hue Foundation? I'm sure the clip was planted, but Tionna was using it! I was so excited to see that, as I'm a fan of their makeup.
Recap: (These shows were reruns.) We find out that the fundraiser for BET's Rap it Up competition was won by the Red team. Letia's boyfriend is her main motivator for keeping her on the show (wtf?) and is the same person about to get her kicked off because at this point she cares more about her relationship than her participation on the show. Kathy's sexuality is challenged as she tries to back up her claim of her sexual level being higher than anyone else's. She takes on her flirting partner Kasheef. That's all the show needed- a lesbian licking on a hot guy!

People give this show bad reviews, but it keeps me entertained!

BET had me on lock tonight, but when American Gangster and licking lesbians got too much for the Disney watchers, I flipped over to MTV for my fav.... RUN'S HOUSE!

Run's House
The show starts with Angela at a photoshoot with Omarion and Bow Wow, where she gets the big idea that she loves what she's doing and wants to start her own mag. Guess who's on set? Danessa Myricks. At my beauty school, she's a super star. I'm all too familiar with her name, so seeing her in action was a treat!
Recap: Angela thinks that her Yorshire dog, Juicy, is pregnant so the dog goes to the vet and gets an x-ray. This is also the time that the family is opening up and talking to Russy about the birds and the bees .. er.. female dogs and male dogs lol. Diggy wants to start his career in the entertainment world like Chris Brown,, dancing while Angela who works for Word Up! magazine wants to start her own. She works on planning a launch party before the actual magazine... umm?

Aaahh the joys of tv. Now I must retire folks! Good night!


Baby Doll said...

I agree with you on Keyshia's make up and the girls on College Hill Interns. When they are in the "confessionals" their make up and brows are on point! Some one has to be doing it for them. I also love Jenna's hair. It is beautiful, I wonder if it's hers though...LOL! I think it might be, but her attitude sucks! And I love Kathy's style. Great BET Rundown!

nilla cookie said...

I haven't checked out any of the BET shows, but I agree that Keyshia is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! I can't get enough of her music.. keeps the drive home interesting ;)

Divine Blackness said...

Awwww, not a big Keyshia fan, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Her make-up is faaaaab. My friend Ivy is on that BET show but I've never watched it. OMG, and I love Run's House. That, ANTM, Girlfriends and The Game are the only shows I watch. You really have me wanting to check out CoverGirl Queen ish. Such the inspiration you are, Yums.

Ahhh...and I took some days off. The flu is gone and I didn't infect anyone else. LOL, good lookin' out!

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

i can agree that i too LUV Keyshia's makeup! it is always on point!

yummy411 said...

@ baby doll: girl i need a college hill insider. i'll continue to research- makeup, hair weaves- we want to know it all!

yummy411 said...

@ nilla cookie: i still haven't gotten thru her cd =(

@ B: yes you know keyshia's makeup is hot! lol... those shows are great too, i just need time to watch them all =( try it the CG! i can't wait to hear results!!

yummy411 said...

@ toml: we have to find out keyshia's makeup artist!

Traci said...

Hey Kia,

I'm so glad you wrote a post about Keyshia's smokey eye makeup. I love it too. Your site is my number one source for tips. That said, I was wondering if you could write a how-to for creating the smokey eye. I tried and failed last night even though I have all the right brushes. Please help!

yummy411 said...

aww traci! i love you! i sure will work one out for you =)

you know you are my number one source for what's hip in mommy and baby since i feel out of the loop. when babyyum was first born, i was all over the place.. knew the best strollers and baby products, mommy groups and play dates.. i was there! now.. i look to you =)

rebelleBAP said...

kia- I think Keyshia has beautiful skin too.

Didn't they got they shout on up in the studio on Sunday Best? I like when Kirk just moved on out the way!!!!

You know how I feel about College Hill...They Sexy Kasheef!!! I would have been sweting him so bad if we went to college together... All the girls are cute.

browngirlgumbo said...

I love reality TV too. It's just so addictive. Thanks for giving us the rundown!

yummy411 said...

hey rebellebap! ;)
yes keisha is pretty to begin with so doing her makeup would be easy.

yes they got their shout on! they can only be pentacostal in there lol!

@ bbg: you're welcome! addictive it is!