Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yummy411: Coastal Scents Glossi Glaze Product Review

I came home to the yummiest little package from Coastal Scents Mineral Cosmetics, chock full o' goodness. I'll get to the rest later, but I want to tell you about the star of the package, the Glossi Glaze lipgloss. This gloss found its way to my heart because of it's thick glossiness, but no tacky stickiness. Perfect texture, the right amount of shine and an unbeatable price- $5! The color is pretty sheer, but the shine is great and comes in quite a few colors. When applying, it may feel hard at the touch, but if you swirl your finger or lip brush around in it for a second or two, it will warm up into a creamier gloss. Check them out for yourself! I'm enjoying mine =)


Baby Doll said...

The gloss sounds nice! That's the perfect texture and price!

yummy411 said...

yes it is baby doll =)