Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yummy411: Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hey Traci! Here's the smokey eye tutorial per your request!

Smokey eyes can be done in 101 ways from a day time smokey, smoked out color, a complete smokey eye with colors other than black.. take a pick! However, I chose one with colors I felt used universal colors.

What I used:

MAC #224
MAC #187 SE (a brush from the holiday set. This brush is close enough to the full size brush to me)
Beauty of Essence angled shader brush
MAC #212 SE
Beaut of Essence crease brush (used as my angle brush for my lower lid)

NYC dual liner

CoverGirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Foundation- used as my concealer
MAC Fix+
Carbon black shadow from quad
Satin Taupe -neutral brown shadow in mirrored compact
MAC MSF Gold Spill (marbled pressed mineralized powder)
Sample sized Dazzle Ray (shimmery) pigment

Lip products:
MAC lipglass in Crescent
A shimmery yellow gold twist up, sponge applicator lipstick from Revlon (name?)

Here we go!

First, I based my eye all over with concealer with a color as close to my skin tone as possible. You could even use a sheer layer of foundation... just for the color to have something to adhere to.

I applied a neutral brown, in this case MAC's Satin Taupe up into the crease.

I applied black liner thickly across the lid, close to the lash line. Don't worry about neatness. Smudge the liner with a smudge stick, you shading brush or like me, I used my pinky lol.

I applied a black shadow, MAC's Carbon over the smudged black liner. I took a blending brush, MAC's 224, and blended out, softened the colors and removed harsh lines. Line your waterline with the black liner and add your blackest mascara (I forgot my mascara!). Though smokey eyes aren't a complete neat job, try to keep it clean so that you don't look busted.

Here's the look! Be sure to blend out your crease a little more, I can see lines here.. oh well!

For some added umph to take into the night, I used the same black shadow on my bottom lid using a fine angled or pointed brush. To give a bit of sparkle, I put some shiny pigment in the inner corners of my eyes. To do this, pick up some color on the brush and wet with a spray of water (I used MAC's Fix+, which is multipurpose so it's very handy to have!)

To (almost) complete the look, I added a MAC MSF in Gold Spill lightly on my cheeks with my #187 brush for a sheer layer and added the same shiny pigment to highlight my cheeks. Lips; I added a shimmery lipstick with a caramel colored gloss.

Some tips to make this look even more fabulous:
-Instead of using the shimmery color on your inner corners, adorn the corner of your eye with small skin safe rhinestone/body jewel.
-Instead of the shimmery color in your inner corners, use a white, gold or silver waterproof liner on your waterline.
-For a great party flare to your eyes use a gold or black glitter liner on your bottom lid, right under the lower lash line.
-Even more flare? Add some color mascara on the tips of your lashes.
-To intensify the darkness of your smokey eye, you can use a black cream color base- gel liner, a cream liner etc.

Take some smokey eye help from some of my other favorite sources =)

I hope this was helpful! Let me know!


Anonymous said...

I love this tutorial. I've decided that since i have a love for natural tones, browns/bronze, coppery reds etc, A smoky eye c an work as well. I'm a nc50 how do you think those colors would show up? I'm thinking of going the NYX route since its affordable for me. are you famialar with that line and what colors would be a great idea? Thanks.. You look so pretty too!!!

yummy411 said...

hey thanks for stopping by!
thank you!
those colors would be fine for you, just choose a good base for whatever intensity you want. also remember the fluffier the brush, the softer the color will be applied.
yes, I like NYX a lot. I'm not as familiar with all of their colors in their selections, but if you like a color try it or veer toward the darker of the colors for a good smokey eye!

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

o0o that is sooo pretty! =)
I love the smokey eye and sheer lip! great tut! I think this is the best smokey eye I've seen....

Afrodite said...

Looove the smokey eye look and you make it look so easy. Now if I get home and try to do that I'll look like a freakin' raccoon!

Nerd Girl said...

Pretty. Maybe I'll try it for this year's Christmas parties. Though, I much like Afrodite will likely end up resembling a raccoon instead. Happy Thanksgiving!

nilla cookie said...

Love the tutorial, girl! Great job! I really like that you used the dark gray/black. I feel like when I try black, it always looks like a mess so I've always done my smokey eye with dark purples instead. I love the cheeks too, the highlight looks great and makes you sparkle!

Have a great holiday weekend!

yummy411 said...

@ toml: thank you! more to come ;)

@ afrodite: i have confidence that you can do it... to eliminate some of the raccoon look, just line your waterline to keep it simple =) hth!

@ nerd girl: it will be a great look for a holiday party... i'm actually trying to create my perfect holiday look, so i'll be testing around. i know you can do it too! Happy Thanksgiving!

@ nilla cookie: thank you! i'm really trying to get a look down that will make me sparkle without looking like a glitter ball LOL!

Elizabeth said...

BYS is similiar to the brand NYX you might be able to find something from there. The white eyeliner im using is from Rimmel i'm sure the brand is avaiable to you?
thanks for the comment! Im linking you :)

The Home Spa Goddess said...

Hey. Great pics:) I'm going to try a smokey eye but I don't want to put foundation on my eyelid. Can't I just use primer?

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

christianadivine said...


:] Thanks for stopping by, wow... you have GORGEOUS eyes. :] Love the tut too, very pretty. :]

I ended up getting the Canon Powershot SD750. :] What ultimately help me make my decision was looking up various camera reviews online. :] I always go to cnet.com to look for reviews. :] Hope this helps.

slvrlips said...

OMG... This look is stunning. I must try this out ASAP.
Thanks for the tut

Mrs. Lynne said...

great tut girl. very simple with an excellent turnout. keep up the good work :)

yummy411 said...

thanks mrs. lynne!!

browngirlgumbo said...

Love, love, love the smoky eye look! Thanks for the step by step breakdown. It looks great on you, but for some reason I can never get it to look right on me. I'll take some of your tips into consideration next time! thanks!

yummy411 said...

yay! thanks bgg!

Zoë said...

you have eyebrows to die for, im jealous lol

im also loving the gold highlight on your cheeks

great toot!

btw, do u have any tutorials on youtube?

yummy411 said...

hey zoe! thank you so much! i don't have videos on youtube. my camera takes about 12 secs of video.. (a bigger memory card perhaps?) maybe in the new year, i'll try to make a few =)) new ventures!

Anonymous said...

I loved the smokey eye makeup application tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

christina said...

hey girl i just wanted to say thanks because the smokey eye tutorial really helped!

yummy411 said...

@ anon and christina: you're welcome! i'm glad it could help!!

Anonymous said...



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