Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yummy411: CoverGirl LashBlast, Becca Sheer Tint Moisturizer Product Reviews, Spoiled Pretty Give a Way

Blogger has been giving major issues with posting pics. Blogger users would complain, but the drama never really happened to me... until these last few days =(

Anyhoos, on to reviews:
I walked into the makeup aisles of my local WalMart and saw a huge display with new CoverGirl, Drew Barrymore's face and pretty fat orange mascara tubes dangling beneath. Finally! The new CoverGirl Lash Blast had arrived. I was super excited because I loved LashExact. I own VolumeExact- it was nice, but didn't necessarily tickle my fancy. This however, should give me the results that I was expecting from the VolumeExact, right? Besides, it's their biggest brush ever. I picked up a tube in very black and ripped it open to play once I got home.
The wand: Same rubber brush head and it is huge. I kept making marks on my lid until I worked a little more gently with the brush. I love the tiny, precise bristles on the head. They are good for getting those inner lashes and lower lid lashes. Separated my lashes well, but the thickness of my lashes was comparable to other mascara jobs.
Formula: A nice and true black, not as thick as DiorShow, but covered lashes well.
Packaging: I like the change of color, but the tube is fat and bulky for me, which is why I never gravitated to those two step mascaras- primer and mascara.
Overall: Not a must have if you already have a mascara that works well.

Becca Luminous Skin Color Tinted Moisturizer was quite shocking. I tried on a shade in nude. Can't go wrong with a tinted moisturizer. Should fit me right? Out comes an opaque greenish, mustard colored product. I was afraid to put it on as I added it to my quick, before I head out the door routine. I don't have time to deal with a mess or bad look. I rubbed it on my face and I felt like I had mud slicks on my face. What have I done? I thought. I continued to rub it in. For a few second I felt my face looked dirty, but as it settled, it looked like I had healthy, sun tanned skin; a sophisticated glow (without the powdery-ness of a matte bronzer gone wrong.) Vibrant skin, without the over done, sunkissed look (too illuminating, shimmery, etc.) Not here.
Formula: Packed with anti-oxidant vitamins, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients with SPF 25. Not heavy or greasy; settled in on the skin well.
Price: Out of my tinted moisturizer budget ball park- $40/ 1.7 fl oz
Overall: This brand offers 15 shades! Truly something for everyone. I actually felt like I was wearing 'adult' makeup and not straddling any lines between preteen and sophisticated makeup. I'm sure I could wear more shades than this one in nude. I love the performance of this product, the price is the killer here. If I ever feel the need to be indulgent, I might pick up a bottle. Otherwise, I'll head to Smashbox for a feel good, vitamin-infused formula for a couple of dollars less.

Contest: I know I love contest so here's one for us: Daneen over at Spoiled Pretty has teamed up with Face Boutiqe to give away some beauty booty to spoil yourself pretty. Head over there now and get in on the action =) Click here!


Erika-Nicole said...

when i use mascara i brush down not up. does it make a difference?

yummy411 said...

hi erika! when you say down, do you mean on top of your lashes? no it doesn't matter as long as the technique works for you for full, covered lashes. i actually do both, but try not to weigh down my lashes or make spider leg lashes. i brush up to lift my lashes and to give it a bit of curl.

nilla cookie said...

Another tinted moisturizer in the $40-range! Who knew there was a brand out there that would give Laura Mercier a run for her money! :)

Erika-Nicole said...

yes that is what i meant. thanks!

Divine Blackness said...

I saw that same mascara! Thanks for this review because I certainly was going to run and check it out.

And thanks for the contest link!

*crosses fingers*

yummy411 said...

@nilla cookie: yes there are others out there! craziness lol

@erika: great! glad i could answer your question.

@b: yeh no need to be excited about it. i have my fingers crossed for you too!

Afrodite said...

I'm a die hard Maybelline Great Lash Mascara fan. Pink and green man!